Extractions hurt. We know it.

Even lignocaine

Cannot completely obviate

The sense of searing pain.


Communication’s difficult.

We know this truth as well.

No anaesthetic, analgesic

To help your truth to tell.


For some, it’s just too painful

A hardship to reveal

What they think or may believe,

Even what they feel.


Some struggle with this facet

Of a person’s character.

Like guessing at a game,

Charades for him or her.


There’s always some new method

Of extracting what is worth

Being said or spoken of.

Sometimes silence is a curse.


What is thought is guessed at

But that’s another game,

Communication’s worth its weight

While hidden feels like shame.


4 thoughts on “Extracting”

  1. I couldn’t have read this at a better time! “Communication’s worth its weight, While hidden feels like shame.” It is a shame to hold things in and does far more harm than the release. All is well now. Working on keeping the flow. Your words have been helpful to me on so many occasions this year.Thank you xo


    1. I’m so happy if anything I’ve said or written helps anyone. I do think that holding back feelings guarantees distress and misunderstanding. I also love your approach through your yoga and changing mindset. So many ways to confront without being confrontational. Just helping opening up to others for better understanding and relationships. It is such a pity that some feel hidden is better than disclosure. So many unresolved issues that could easily be explained by dialogue. I hope the flow continues. I’m aiming for that too. 🙂 x


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