Happy New Year

We recollect the year,

Those loved and lost,

Decisions, right and wrong,

We count the cost

In growth and worth,

Another year in passing

In friendships, families,

All love amassing,

In trials, tribulations,

Fought and won,

All effort poured in faith,

This year near done.

Some hours now

To ponder life anew,

No promises, just

Hope and love renew.

Confidence in

Coming days ahead,

Constancy, belief,

No sense of dread.

A providential one,

A year filled with

New treasure,

I wish you this and more

In heartfelt measure.

Happy New Year, dear

Friends of WordPress,

May all your dreams come true,

Your lives be blest. x


27 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

    1. Thank feck it’s all over, frankly.:) Back to normal in the next few days. I only ‘do it’ cos it’s expected. Secretly, I hate it! Awful, I know. But true. 🙂 x


  1. Thank you mommus for your lovely poem, a great way to ride the times in. My year has already arrived here (it’s 9am here the 1.1.2014, and I think your new year is nearly upon you!), and if you haven’t guessed, I didn’t get away after all that, still a bit wobbly and not a drop of alcohol to be seen 🙂 Enjoy the celebrations, may the release of the old and the embracing of the new be a blessing for your journey. Love and light, Mark xo


    1. Ach, sorry to hear you didn’t get away. But there will be a reason for that, no doubt. Enjoy the start of the new year, Mark. I am now heading to bed at the not too shameful hour of 3ish. Shattered begins to explain how I feel. thank feck it’s all over. Really not fond of this particular occasion. 😉 x


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