Submerged Skies

My response to the prompt. I wish I could see the heavens but…..


Heavenly wonders

Hidden behind storm clouded

Skies – waterfalls flow.



Carpe Diem’s Special #70, Alexey Andreyev’s “Evening sky”

evening sky —
over the city lights
stars hardly seen

(c) Alexey Andreyev


14 thoughts on “Submerged Skies”

    1. Thank you. While there are those viewing wondrous skies and others sweltering in the sun and others again freezing in ice and snow, we here in Scotland have the joys, yet again, of copious amounts of rain and gale winds. Roll on Spring. 🙂 x


  1. Welcome at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai … thank you for your entree to our prompt of today. You have written a haiku in the same way as Alexey … and those waterfalls … awesome!


      1. I know very little about Haiku other than the classic format and its origins. But I intend to give it a go. Working on more. Glad to have found your place. 🙂 x


      2. You can find more about haiku in the lectures on Carpe Diem. I am not of the syllables count and write my haiku in the so called Kanshicho-style. Basho (the famous haiku-poet) wrote his haiku for several years in that same style. In that style the syllables count isn’t important. In my opinion that syllables count isn’t meant for the Western haiku.


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