I need a bit of help here. I’ve been blogging around seven months now. I admit I didn’t read all the WordPress advice, just some pieces that seemed pertinent at the time. I’ll have to go back and check on a few matters. There might be small print in it that I never worry about. And it could come back to bite me on the bum.

But I figure getting my answers from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, might be more helpful to me. And maybe not just to me.

The thing is, I write all sorts of things that come into my head. Sometimes the inspiration comes from other bloggers. When this happens I try to give credit where I think it’s due and therefore link to whatever prompted the thoughts in me.

It would seem that may not be the best way to go. Inadvertently, I may have done the wrong thing by linking to a challenge that I was not invited to take part in. My own fault for not reading the nature of the post properly. It did actually say that it was a guest post. I checked….afterwards……so it was completely my own fault. I was just so intent on responding to the post. As many of you will know my comments can be a bit long-winded. A bit like my posts. Who said that?

Anyway, I started making a comment to a post I read and realised I was in the process of writing a rather long poetic response. So I cut the comment, created a post and linked back to the originator to give credit where it was due I thought. But, in linking to the post it looked as if I was pushing in on the guest challenge without being invited. I was mortified. I wouldn’t presume.

But what to do? I feel not to give credit is somehow crass, pretending that nothing prompted nor inspired. And if I wrote without giving credit and the other blogger is a follower of mine and saw it they may think, ‘Oh thanks very much. Use my idea and don’t even mention me’. I just kind of think that it’s good manners to do so.

Instead, it may be that it’s rather cheeky. To link yourself to another’s blog without asking permission. I don’t have a problem with it. In fact, I’m always really flattered that something I may have said inspired another.

The thing is, I don’t know what to do for the best. My dearly departed mother would have a hairy canary if she thought my manners were lacking. Actually, that’s only partly true. Sometimes, she’d say, ‘Ach fuck it. You can’t please everybody’. She would you know. She was quite a woman. But I’m having a fit thinking I’m ignoring some blogging protocol I’m not aware of. I know I could go search the forums. But have you any idea how frustrating it is to find what you’re looking for in those places? Of course you do. So that’s why I’m asking you.

Now there must be loads of you out there who have encountered this before. Or have maybe read a WordPress document I have not. I’d really like your advice.

So poll time again.

Please help me out before I make an arse of myself again.

I must say here that the blogger concerned was in no way rude to me. In fact, he was a total gent the whole time. Simply pointed out something I was unaware of. He even invited me, very graciously, to take part in the challenge. I declined because it was never my intention to do so. I was just commenting in a post inspired by another’s post. I really am at a loss. The thing is, I’ve done this on a number of other occasions and now I’m wondering if I’ve been getting up people’s noses by doing so.

I know I might be behaving like a total woman in this – over complicating what others don’t see as a problem. But, bugger it, I am a woman. I do over complicate. Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated with the idea of simplicity. OK, whole other post. But I sincerely want to do the right thing and some of you must know the answer. So spill. Please. 🙂

What is the correct protocol for inspiration born from another’s blog? Please feel free to add any other optional answer. I need to know this stuff. Maybe we all do.


‘What Do Women Want?’

Now Suz, you have nailed it, as a female with a mind,

Experience in womanhood. Men must seek and so they’ll find

That much of what a woman wants is tethered to the stars.

I know they say that we hail from Venus while men exist on Mars.


A cosmic soul comparison to highlight different spheres,

A lifetime spent in wondering, overcoming fears.

But planets should collide in space in some ethereal way

And, on earth, we bump together too but all men have to say, is


‘Darling, what’s your heart’s desire? Tell me, I will try.

I’ll promise love eternally and search until I die,

To overcome your subtleties, learn to read your clues,

Endeavour to be true all days, pay what is your due.


I’ll harness stars and catch the moon, remove obstacles in our path,

I’ll humour you when you are blue, I’ll try to make you laugh.

I’ll even buy you personals when Christmas comes along,

I’ll sing to you with lover’s voice and soothe you with my song.


Is that enough to win your heart? What more, please, pray me tell,

Guessing at your nuances, men don’t do that very well.’

Now that’s a start, if men are willing to read the woman’s book,

They’ll tell you if you really ask. And listen, that’s the hook.


‘You’ve said it all, that’s all I ask. Willingness to show,

Hidden voice within my head, you’re trying to understand and know.

Woo me with a sense of worth, seasons full of longing,

Ensure your heart is open wide, a place I may belong in.


Answer me in sentences, not cryptic yes or no’s.

We use our words expressively, while your dearth quite often shows

That what we’re trying to say to you goes right over your head.

Then we lose the plot at you and you wonder what you said.


The point you see is you don’t say much to express all that is real

You seem to think we should absorb, osmosis-like, what you feel.

To you, a word or two should do, a nod or gesture feint

To speak your love, exact desires. It doesn’t work! Not quaint!


Exactitude in what you feel, expressed in tender giving,

From heart and soul and mind as well; Woman’s way for living.

Just a thought or two for you. Hope it’s not too much.

That it doesn’t blow your mind wide open at all that mush and such


Anti-male, Jessie-like, entrapments for the ‘soft’.

Not soft at all but strength it shows; we’ll hold you so aloft

If all that you convey to us is done with purest love

And sensual thrown in, for good measure. That might just be enough!’


No more I’ll say. I’m telling you, women speak in heaps,

But not all we say is heeded, a pity, it would keep

Unnecessary confusion from cluttering up our way.

Openness and honesty might help to win the day.


Remember though that truthfulness, although a wondrous gift,

Should not be used when she asks, ‘Does my bum look big in this?’

A gentle smile, no smirks, not wise, if you want to keep your teeth.

See, it’s all quite easy. Next question, if you please!

Sow Love

Tan Renga Challenge #25, Angie’s “fair-colored windows”


fair-colored windows –

the barren break forth in song

better than words                       ( Angie)


melody of touch and kiss,

crescendo sows loving life       ( Me)

‘Departing Geese’

Having another bash at Haiku

Here is the haiku to complete:

full moon of winter
departing geese


Full moon of winter

Astral alarm, solar sense,

Departing geese