‘What Do Women Want?’

Now Suz, you have nailed it, as a female with a mind,

Experience in womanhood. Men must seek and so they’ll find

That much of what a woman wants is tethered to the stars.

I know they say that we hail from Venus while men exist on Mars.


A cosmic soul comparison to highlight different spheres,

A lifetime spent in wondering, overcoming fears.

But planets should collide in space in some ethereal way

And, on earth, we bump together too but all men have to say, is


‘Darling, what’s your heart’s desire? Tell me, I will try.

I’ll promise love eternally and search until I die,

To overcome your subtleties, learn to read your clues,

Endeavour to be true all days, pay what is your due.


I’ll harness stars and catch the moon, remove obstacles in our path,

I’ll humour you when you are blue, I’ll try to make you laugh.

I’ll even buy you personals when Christmas comes along,

I’ll sing to you with lover’s voice and soothe you with my song.


Is that enough to win your heart? What more, please, pray me tell,

Guessing at your nuances, men don’t do that very well.’

Now that’s a start, if men are willing to read the woman’s book,

They’ll tell you if you really ask. And listen, that’s the hook.


‘You’ve said it all, that’s all I ask. Willingness to show,

Hidden voice within my head, you’re trying to understand and know.

Woo me with a sense of worth, seasons full of longing,

Ensure your heart is open wide, a place I may belong in.


Answer me in sentences, not cryptic yes or no’s.

We use our words expressively, while your dearth quite often shows

That what we’re trying to say to you goes right over your head.

Then we lose the plot at you and you wonder what you said.


The point you see is you don’t say much to express all that is real

You seem to think we should absorb, osmosis-like, what you feel.

To you, a word or two should do, a nod or gesture feint

To speak your love, exact desires. It doesn’t work! Not quaint!


Exactitude in what you feel, expressed in tender giving,

From heart and soul and mind as well; Woman’s way for living.

Just a thought or two for you. Hope it’s not too much.

That it doesn’t blow your mind wide open at all that mush and such


Anti-male, Jessie-like, entrapments for the ‘soft’.

Not soft at all but strength it shows; we’ll hold you so aloft

If all that you convey to us is done with purest love

And sensual thrown in, for good measure. That might just be enough!’


No more I’ll say. I’m telling you, women speak in heaps,

But not all we say is heeded, a pity, it would keep

Unnecessary confusion from cluttering up our way.

Openness and honesty might help to win the day.


Remember though that truthfulness, although a wondrous gift,

Should not be used when she asks, ‘Does my bum look big in this?’

A gentle smile, no smirks, not wise, if you want to keep your teeth.

See, it’s all quite easy. Next question, if you please!


48 thoughts on “‘What Do Women Want?’”

      1. Oh lord, I’m sorry. I was just responding to Suz’s post and giving credit where it was due for the idea. I had no notion of entering a challenge. Just linking as I thought was right to do considering the source of inspiration.
        I would have just made comment in the comments section, which I started to do but it was getting very long, as is my wont.
        I wouldn’t presume for you to include me.
        I really hope you don’t mind the link. I better check in future. I thought that was the way to go. My apologies.
        Mortified now. 😉 x


      2. LOL, I understood, it’s just that I kept it limited because it’s first time I’ve done it … smooth out the creases on this one, next time it’ll be more polished 🙂

        Email me an intro, outro, the body and a copyright free photo to include and I’ll include your poem …

        Happy for you to be involved, just would like to have been asked … anyway, hopefully this way I’ve turned a negative into a positive 🙂




      3. I obviously need to do some research on blogging protocol and also read posts more carefully.
        I won’t submit my poem thanks, Don, although it is truly good of you to offer. Sincerely.
        If you like I can take the link down. And I’d be happy for you to delete the link in my comment.
        Seven months down the line you’d think I’d have a better idea of what’s what. I just always try to give credit where it’s due for inspiration.
        Thanks for your understanding. I feel like an intrusive prat.
        Tell me what you would prefer me to do. I really have no wish to offend by being inappropriate.
        You’ve obviously been at this longer than I have. Is there a better way to give credit or is it better to just write what inspires and say nothing about source? I really would like to know. Your advice would be well received. Otherwise I might end up doing this again. Or not giving credit where it’s due.
        Bugger, this is a mine field.
        Help me out here, please. I’d be grateful for the pointers before I make an arse of myself again. 🙂 x


      4. OK no worries, it’s not a problem, really it’s not.

        I’ve said already what I wanted you to do and you’ve declined, I don’t know what else I can add.

        It’s Suz’s and my show on this particular post and outbound link not really appropriate. The only other thing I can suggest is post what you originally wanted in a comment, long comments I don’t mind, if anything they are helpful.

        I regularly make an arse of myself, that’s life 🙂

        Warm regards



      5. Oh, crap. I really have arsed this one up. Right, I’ll edit this post to delete the link. You can delete my link in your comments. I’ll copy and paste this poem into your comments which is kind of where I started from in the first place.
        I’ve never been one to gatecrash parties.
        My humble apologies again for toe treading. I might need to incorporate ‘arse’ into my name now. And I’m not usually guilty of being this much of an arse. Just sayin’. 😉
        Warmest wishes, Don.


      6. LOL, LOOK, it’s perfectly OK for me 🙂 Really really truly it’s OK.

        I’m happy that you wanted to comment, you’ve been polite and civil, and long comment is fine.

        Email me if you want to discuss protocol, I promise I will help from a positive perspective.

        And I’m just as much of an arse myself, so don’t worry about it.

        Warm regards



      7. Don, you’ve been a proper gent while I have lost my mind
        In analysing protocol. But I’ll seek and I will find.
        Cos women they are buggers when they want to know the way.
        Truly, we can’t help ourselves. That’s all I have to say.
        No, it’s not, you realise, there never is an end
        To what women say and chat about. That’s the truth, my friend.
        We over complicate, it’s true. I think it’s in our genes.
        Now maybe that’s the truth behind what all confusion seems.
        Men are simple, no not stupid, but straightforward in their words
        And women look askance at them and decree they are absurd.
        If I had an answer I’d sell it in a bottle.
        Until then men and women have to resist the urge to throttle.
        You realise, of course, this means that you are one of them
        While I am quite the other. Vive la difference – Women! Men! 🙂


    1. No, my dear, you’ve missed the point. So much love. Poor darling men with their apparent inability to ‘get’ what it is women want. I’m off to tell my husband. 😉 x


  1. Well I met my future wife 30th November 1981, I was 18, she was 17 on the 10th of November. We was married at 3pm 13th February 1982. No she wasn’t pregnant. So 32 year, you will be wanting to know my secret…….. Well men, I will tell you, are you reading closely, Keep you mouth close and say yes when you think you have been asked a question, learn to nod, set your smart phone up with birthday and anniversaries which also shares those dates with your tablet and laptop, along with shoe, waist, chest sizes fav colour and singer. Ask questions about the soaps, then answer Ooohhhhh like you knew nothing. Ok boys….go get her!!!!


    1. Oooh! You’ve found the answer. Bottle it quickly, Pete. I don’t know anyone else who does this. Hubby doesn’t for sure. I think he knows my birthday and our anniversary but that’s about it. 😉 God knows how we’ve lasted 26 years! 🙂 x


      1. I also cook, clean and other household stuff when I am able, my wife works full time so its only right I do it.
        The you is meaning just general and not at aimed at anyone lol
        The thing is its not hard to pop something in your phone, or on a laptop, its quicker than installing that game which they are wanting. Its also respect for your other half and I think people become complacent over the years and you go through the motions of living together, but if some cannot remember an recurring date then you need to stop and think about changing the way you live together.

        Thats my thoughts 🙂


      2. I’d have to teach my husband how to do that first. Lol. I’m not all that much better right enough with some aspects of technology so I can’t say too much. 😉 x


      1. Is that a big arse? Just asking! I’ll go for rofl. My arse can’t move in these jeans! If it ends up on the floor I might not get it back up again! Fit where they touch you know? 🙂 x


      2. yesm *nods* remember the days lying on the bed with a coat hanger to do em up? Now the muffin tops are spring loaded ready to pop at out with the ill fitting jean…thankfully we ain’t in elasticised waists yet 😉 x


      3. My lassies and I were having a ‘modelling’ session recently trying on each other’s clothes. Got a whole new wardrobe out of it! Nothing like recycling and keeping it in the family. Lol. 🙂 x


  2. A question for Pete: What did we do before smart phones and computers? LOL

    Great post. My first thought went to the movie with Mel Gibson, but lately, I don’t think tooooo many women want him telling them what they want, or even guessing…. Great movie though – Susan and I watched it together a couple of times… But really, he’s more of a Mad Max kinda guy…

    As for me, listening works. I just need to do a LOT more of it! lol


      1. @lifechange90 – Well before smartphones and computers, I used to have a little book that I wrote notes, numbers, dates and important things in it. But that’s after I stopped being shallow and not giving a damn about anyone but myself, but that was soon beaten out of me lol. But the condition I have now I reply on the gadgets to get me through the day. 🙂


    1. Ach, do you know, I choose to believe there are many who do but either we do not meet them or they are too ‘shy’ to convey their understanding. C’est la vie. 🙂 x


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