More than enough occasions of failure to whistle a tune when it calls, but

Enough understanding that when it rolls round again,

I know I’ll rise up after the fall.


Too much experience with sadness and grief when it comes to pass

But enough to know that time heals like the cliché.

Unending grief does not last.


Too many times of depression to wish it on anyone, even a foe,

The dearth of hope and gladness of feelings

Leaves you with nowhere to go


But spiralling down to a sunken abyss where creatures of night fill the dark

And reason and joy depart for some time

While you wait for the song of the lark.


Nothing in life is unchanging and that’s the way it should be.

No stagnating pond where fish circle endlessly round,

That’s never a life for me


Or others that feel the persuasion, the prompting of spiritual fire,

There’s only one way, the direction is up

Soaring ever higher and higher.


That’s just the way it is with some, optimists I believe they are termed.

Nothing in life completely fazes us,

No matter how many times we are warned.


It’s a testament to either stupidity or an eternal longing for hope,

It’s viewed by some as unreality

And by others as somewhat of a joke.


But it’s a damn sight better than moaning and groaning for what lies way behind.

I’d rather be looking to stars and bright linings

Than staring blankly around.


It may be that others are doubtful at intelligence married with mirth

But there’s nothing to be done with nature’s benevolence,

That’s the way I’ve been since my birth.


If all of the world was a reality or pessimistic fuelled by the dire

And nothing of hope filled visions ahead

I’d jump straight down to the fire


Of hellish depression with no end in sight, just a yawning cavern of dark,

Nothing would make a semblance of sense.

No, I’ll hang right onto my spark.


20 thoughts on “Optimism”

    1. Thanks, Beth. I don’t think I could be another way, even while I’m sure it gets on people’s nerves at times. 😉 Other things come and go but hope springs eternal, I believe. 🙂 x


  1. Well written Bardess! May you forever keep that spark alive, for it is the making of you. It takes great courage to believe in the self regardless of what the mass’s think! Go mommus! 🙂


    1. I was saying to Beth that I’m sure it must irk others at times but if that’s my nature there’s not a lot to do about changing it. And I would rather have it that way. I don’t think I could cope with eternal pessimism or too much negative reality. 😉 x


  2. You are the spark, and the song of the lark, both. I’d rather be an optimist who’s happy right up until the blow comes (and of course blows do come) than a pessimist who is unhappy all the time as if in sole possession of the fact that blows come. Well, duh. Of course, they do. We don’t have to live our whole lives dreading it. They will come whether we do or we don’t. We might as well enjoy the time in between. Great poetry. I like the rhyming, it gave it a saucy quality. 🙂


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