Bay Alone At The Moon

Lupine intensity, eyes full of fire,

Transfixed prey, on the prowl,

Keen self-absorption

On quarry to kill,

Predator may later howl


For hunting alone, apart from the pack,

Though separate in each identity,

Risks hunter becoming

Game for another,

No one alone is certified entity.


Outlaw to nature and natural ways,

Outcast from familial brood,

Danger and fear,

Paranoia instilled,

Bloodline means that you should


Be part of the pack, still standing alone

On hill, eyes fixed on the moon,

Remembering self,

But existing with all,

Such bay is much more in tune


With natural law and affinity,

Antecedents denying the need

To hunt all alone

Nor bite where you’re loved,

Nor sever the hand that helps feed.


28 thoughts on “Bay Alone At The Moon”

  1. Oh, love Mamma Mia, Meryl Streep did not make a bad movie, ever. What was the poem about, distracted by the comments, ah yes, the lone wolf. So romantic a figure, apart, alone, dangerous… I must be in the mood for romance today. 🙂


    1. I agree. i don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything that I didn’t enjoy. She always impresses with her acting ability.
      Yeah, the lone wolf, scary but sad. 😉 x


      1. I’m now wondering if I’ve still got a copy of ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’. Haven’t seen that one in years. i could pass a lovely wee afternoon with that. 🙂 x


      2. My understanding, at the time, was that the original ending was the sad one but Hollywood couldn’t cope with that! So an alternative ending was written. I’ve no idea if that is true but it’s not the first time that it has happened. I’m thinking of ‘The Butterfly Effect’, a fabulous movie. I watched it, loved it, was moved by it. Next time I watched it I was like, ‘Wtf!’ The ending had been changed to sweeten the palate and it destroyed what the movie was about. it had been sanitised to appeal. Like, don’t give the world hard lessons to learn, turn everything into Disney. So disappointing. 😉 x


      3. I know. Having said that, imagine if Snow White had choked on that apple. And Sleeping Beauty had just snored on into oblivion! And Ariel had lost her voice forever ‘cos that Ursula bitch had her own way! And the three pigs decided to stay at home and bug the life out of Momma with never turning the lights off and complaining endlessly that they’d rather get their own place. But never actually doing it. Oh, wait. That’s my reality! I’m contacting Hollywood for a different ending to this one! 🙂 x


      4. And here I thought you had more than 3. And bemoan that one lives elsewhere nursing. Now it’s Failure to Launch, is it? You sound like Gregory Maguire, imagining the wicked witch got the short end of the shaft.


      5. Brenda. Really! Come on. I have no idea who Greg is but do you really need to mention shafts and short ends and launching? What the heck are you trying to do? Do you know the connotations of these words and my instinctive connections? 😉 Ok back to the moon and baying and howling. Nope that doesn’t help! 😉 x


      6. LOL You’ve never heard of Maguire or his broadway play Wicked, book of same name? Oh, he’s a treat. Perhaps not a patch on Hugh…. LOL


      7. Oh shit! Is that who wrote ‘Wicked’? Today, this very day, a member of staff asked if I was up for seeing Wicked in a Glasgow theatre. I declined based on the fact that, honest to god, I cannot commit myself to stuff that is too far ahead. May! Three months hence.I could be singing with angelic hosts by then. I don’t do long term commitment.
        Oh wait I’ve been married for 26 years . What I mean is I don’t like long term commitment. Is there a get out clause somewhere I’ve missed? I don’t do queues either.
        I do do love and stuff and not hanging about wasting time. As soon as ‘Wicked’ does not involve queueing I might go there.
        Maybe. In the meantime, I’ll sing along. That’s just kinda my house. 😉 x


      8. I haven’t seen the play either, but I did read the book years ago, and he deserves his success. They were quite quite good. Wicked was the first, but there were follow up books… It makes you feel a lot of sympathy for the Wicked Witch, it goes back to her girlhood, growing up with greenish skin…


      9. They are quirky and wonderful. I would love to see the show… In NYC… with my kids. Hmm, maybe a thought for next summer… Or April break…


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