Arena fills swiftly and fills with speculation.

Sacrificial blood fills the air.

Such jubilation!

Audience cries for action;

Sensory exaltation.

Even death; such minor revelation.

Gladiators sweat the cause,

Armed for action;

Such tribulation.

Come then the lions fierce,

The enemy, all known;

Extreme vexation.

The fight ensues;

All blood spilled,

An exhortation

To gods

Of direst fate,

More suppuration.

Spurts gore, entrails and guts;

Some sweet salvation,

In knowing death was priced ; someone’s  salvation.

In horror,  so some seek


No answers thus, just haunted devastation.

Come one who fills the night

With expectation.

 A clearer sense of self; manifestation.

For all that exists

Here, now, prepare


12 thoughts on “Arena”

  1. Anne-Marie, Wow. Here I was thinking I’d see a little romance, a little philosophy, a little magic, and I did. Blood magic. Yikes! In a bad mood? LOL Happy Weekend! Somewhat nervously, Brenda 😉


    1. I’m not in a bad mood at all. 🙂 Words just keep popping into my head and away I go seeing where they will take me. Tonight ‘arena’ popped in, no idea why and that’s what came out. I’ll really have to start filtering some of these words. 😉 Who knows what goes on in the brain until it pours out on paper? 🙂 x


      1. Glad to know you are not slicing and dicing your way through your relatives as some do in the New Year. 🙂 Or your students. You’re a teacher, aren’t you?


      2. Yes. Primary. Nobody’s getting diced. Well, not yet. Lol. Might make a pot of soup today though, now that you’ve put the idea in my head. Scotch broth to go. 🙂 x


      3. Oh, well, I meant a lively girl. You’re splendidly petite in your pictures, so I didn’t mean the other. 🙂 Here I am, stepping on toes again, only a day after the whole SM debacle. LOL Such a charmer I am.


      4. Lmao. SM! I like the lively version. For some reason unknown to myself I am diminishing daily. It’s beginning to worry my crew. My family are now pointing me to the doc’s office to find out if something is amiss. But I feel great! 🙂 x


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