The Rose

thorny rose

Seek the flower not the thorn;

Therein lies sweetest nectar.

Sharpest points protect the self.

Who else will be protector?

Dismiss the gore that razor pierces,

Blood merely proves thy worth.

Look deeply to the core of flower,

Where manna, taste thereof.

2014-01-10 20.29.27

24 thoughts on “The Rose”

  1. Love the imagery. Ask Patty, I am so into imagery. Nice words, I think I get the meaning, at least as it relates to me. Isn’t that all what it comes down to? How we relate a piece to ourselves. Yeah, I thought so.


  2. This totally resonates with me. Echoes the message that I was trying to put forth in my “Fearless Face” post and I love your comments about it. The inner person is most important. It is the flower within that is the true Rose 🙂


    1. And that’s the truth. I loved your ‘Fearless Face’ post. Maybe it stuck in my head when I was writing this. My sister gave me the rose last night and I knew I had to write something on it. 🙂 x


  3. Reblogged this on SHIRLEY MAYA and commented:
    I have had the honour and pleasure to meet some amazing wealth of bloggers, writers and poets over the last year. This Sunday, I wish to start a new “custom” of re-blogging the posts which especially resonates with me. THE ROSE poem echoes what I write, and feel very strongly about. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do 🙂


    1. Shirley, I’ve met you for five minutes. And, sometimes, that’s all it takes. In the great cloud of unknowing there are those who are known. Blessings my new friend for the understanding and new perceptions we embark on. The world over we are one. x


  4. I seem to have problems with reblogging this beautiful poem of yours to my new blog, The Art of Fearless Living. It keeps going to the old defunct blog. I can’t seem to fix it. Feeling frustrated. Will figure it out and find a way.


      1. Well I’ll be coming to you for advice. How quickly did you sort that. I’d have been up to funny hours trying to get to grips. Speaking of funny hours! It’s 3.44 a.m. as I type. !!!! off to bed for me. 🙂 There’s no way you’re a dumb blonde. 🙂 x


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