To The Moon And Back

Take me to the moon and back

But circle first around

Planetary orb in space

Where feet don’t touch the ground.

Gravitate miraculously

In floating, flighty station,

Falling endlessly through space,

Unperturbed elation.

Whisper softly, breathe no air,

Timeless travel, twain

Circumnavigate lunar globe

‘ere we part again.


23 thoughts on “To The Moon And Back”

    1. Ya wee bugger! I keep forgetting it’s the short and to the point you love. Lol. 🙂 Watch out for the next one then. Catch up tonight if you’re good for it? x


      1. Oh ok! *heavy sigh* I will get into my meditation mode, and read. One reason I don’t like poetry that much, and don’t tell anyone, is I just don’t get it the first time. I have to re-read the piece and then try to figure out what is being said. Stories are different: for the most part, they are straight forward. My brain just doesn’t want to give the time and effort to poetry that it deserves. There, now I have said it, you know my deep dark secret. I don’t even like my poetry: too damn dark.
        Yours is really good, when I read one. 😉
        Peace & Love


      2. Ok, sweetie pie, there’s a post coming up on this exact point very, very soon. More or less complete. Because I struggle myself, at times, with interpretation. Soon….x


      3. I’ve just realised that you thought I meant catch up on reading my stuff. I meant catch up with you for a blether. I was good for it last night….till I fell asleep. I’ll look into that skype thingy though. 🙂 x


      1. I’ve been told by a dear friend that if I keep Sandra floating around in my head there will be no room for another…I will end up comparing everyone against this grand vision of what I think Sandra is like and no one else will get a look in! She’s right…I’m not letting anyone get past Sandra, lol 🙂


      1. Moon river, wider than a mile
        I’m crossing you in style some day
        Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
        Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way…

        Loved that song in the Audrey Hepburn movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s… Sigh of pleasure at the memory.


      2. The number of people I know who love that film grows daily. I think the film ‘my’ song is from is, ‘Once Around’ with Holly Hunter(?) and Richard Dreyfuss. great wee movie too. I could spend the day watching films. Haven’t done that in way too long. 🙂 x


  1. Not mysterious. Not exciting…..mmmmm well scratch that. A bit X-rated! Who said that adventure is for the young? 😉 Shit, I feel like a pervert now! Innocent love. But caught by my 23 year old son. Serves him right. What the feck do we have doors for?! 😉 x
    …..must get a lock…..


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