Give Over, Woman. That’s Mince. Or Not?

There is no knowing on the soul’s flight exactly where you’ll end up. Just because your soul seeks something, an answer, doesn’t mean that it will direct itself to the correct place. Mainly because other souls are doing the same thing. And they may miss each other, like ships passing in the night or one firework zipping into the sky while another is already in full bloom elsewhere.

The great thing is, though, with souls that a momentary lapse in judgement or direction can be corrected and redirected without waiting days and weeks or years. With its ability to hop through space and time, it manages to keep up with more news and happenings than its counterpart, the mind, can do in everyday life.

Like astral GPS of a higher standard, soul may move and flit from time to time in past, present and future. Glimpses of life lived and still to be lived on earth can etch themselves on spirit, embed into the core and be filed on return to the body.

When I say return I do not, of course, mean that the soul has left the body to lie dead in the world. Rather it has unravelled the umbilical cord that keeps it so attached to the human and exerted its right to travel but still to return.

In endless hours of sleeping while body rests and mind grasps the realities of day, creating wondrous images, soul vacates and explores, transmitting messages through the umbilical connection while mind incorporates such visions into dreams and weaves a tapestry of seen and yet to see, of been and still to be.

Soul exists apart from body, simply encased for the duration of one lifetime but always and ever present and alive to soul self.

One lifetime on physical, planetary plain could never really be enough to learn all we need to know, to understand in order to one day rejoin the communion of souls. By the essence of spirit and the journeys they are capable of, greater enlightenment may dawn in the everyday existence in more fuller measure than would otherwise be possible.

Those moments glimpsed by soul in time and space and recollected in odd waking human moments are what, I believe, deja vue to be. Already seen, yes, but not by human eyes in another lifetime. But by soul’s illuminated vision as it flits through dimensions unknown to us. Life glimpsed and lodged in subconscious until the moment arises and we may say, ‘I’ve been here before.’

I find this a great comfort in life to know that I have arrived at a time that my soul visited. Like I’m on the right path of my journey. Or one of the many right paths.

In parallel plains of time running concurrently it may be there are many lives being lived by self, each one born and directed of different choices taken in time. Past, present and future creating a gigantic loop, concentric circles connected by radii that make all lives possible.

The visual image above may be, in astral reality, an all-encompassing universe, the radii being worm holes that allow soul’s journey in and out through time and space. No need for soul to don travel gear. Simply extend the cord, ensure attachment and soar freely into other worlds of reality.

For many years now, at least 20, I have been haunted by the idea of this outline as an explanation for so much. My explanation. And, quite possibly, off the wall when it comes to ‘real life’. But it fascinates me as an idea and as a possible/probable reality in the spiritual field.

Light, photonic elements, become part of the all and a rejoining of light to light explains to me what heaven may be. Some sense of spiritual communion with the source of all light in a non-physical, analytical way. Merely a connectedness of all in spirit and light.

Is this a possible book? It’s an outline. Every time I try to work on it I get lost in the permutations and my mind goes in and out and sideways. I would read a book like this. I’m just not sure anyone else would. Unless they were allowed to remove their strait jacket to turn the pages. Lol. My husband has just informed me that he wouldn’t.’ Get to the point, woman,’ is really his way.

I’ve come at this from various angles over the years. Then stop. I just can’t seem to grasp the right approach to it. But I can’t let it go. Help!

My opening line remains the same every time.

‘Rachel travelled through the night, destination always unknown.’


20 thoughts on “Give Over, Woman. That’s Mince. Or Not?”

    1. I’ve had 20 years to get it out of my system. Lol. I just can’t seem to get to grips with it. Maybe a new approach required. I will give it a go again. Otherwise I’ll be tormented by it. Even if I just finish the blasted thing. 😉 x


  1. I find the theory more than simply fascinating, it’s almost as if you put my thoughts and dreams down on paper so to speak. I feel as if my disconnection (it would be a long story) has suddenly been reconnected again. I feel excited about going to sleep, which hasn’t happened for a long time. Perhaps I’ve really been lost in a parallel dimension for a while and you’ve shone a beacon to bring me back 🙂 Enjoy the the treasure and the hot rum toddy… I’d love to hear more of your theory. Blessings Susan x


    1. Oh thank you, Susan, that means so much. It is more than just a pet theory for me. I really have come to believe in those possibilities. Perhaps we have bumped into one another in one of those realms. Feeling disconnected is awful and can be so draining of essence. I’m glad you feel reconnected. Light begins to shine again and renews you. I am definitely going to work more on this. I can’t seem to let it go anyway so I might as well go for it. Now to get to grips with it. 🙂 x


  2. Woohoo! Go mommus! That even rocked my boat 🙂 It touches on so many things but they all feel right. Very interesting, may have to ask spirit a little about this. Plus, it has this odd synchronicity about a post I just wrote. Not posted yet as I need to digest it a little further before I let it go. Great post and I’m seeing a little more depth to the Goddess 🙂


    1. Mark, I’m telling you, there is something afoot. I won’t even attempt to go into it all. But the synchronicity is unbelievable. But not. It’s exactly how it should be. I’ll be interested to read your post.
      Depth?! Feck, I can’t even plumb my own depths. I get lost in the quandaries. And come up with trivia. One day we will meet. I’ll drink red wine and nibble on cheese and crackers….one of my faves….I know you don’t drink ;)….and we’ll discuss the universe and talk nineteen to the dozen and interrupt each other constantly while we try to express all that we feel. Or is that just me? And you’ll nod sagely and go, ‘Yeah. I know all this stuff, Anne-Marie. For the love of god stop talking and be in the moment! ‘ Either way, we’re definitely doing it in sunshine. I can’t stand this crap weather! See, I do talk crap. A lot! Well, a bit. Goddesses have feet of clay you know. That’s the way it’s always been. 🙂 x


      1. Never feet of clay mommus, your sounds (and writings), are but the feelings of the heart, may they always express your truth and give you wisdom. And yes, one day we will meet and toast the universe for the blessings on our journey, the truths that we discover and the love we create. And there is never an ‘I know that’, because no two minds ‘see’ the same thing…even if we’re standing right next to each other 🙂
        (Mind you, the weather that your having over your way at the moment, we may meet sooner as you’ll be shipped out of your very wet, freezing country to thaw out…just tell them to give you tickets for Australia, I’ll find you a warm spot…I’m sure there’s one or two around here somewhere 🙂 ).
        By the way, again, that was a great post…you’ve been seriously chatting to spirit eh? x


      2. Think spirit’s been chatting to me and I’ve not always been listening.
        The weather here is on the miserable side. A good dose of sunshine would be a joy. I’m hanging in for an early spring and maybe another summer like our last. Not hot by your standards but toasty for us.
        Head down and keeping busy writing and working till it rolls round again. 🙂 x


  3. I love this way of thinking and it totally makes sense (as much as my mind can handle) to me. We are all that One-ness and I love your theory that we all meet in our dreams bringing back ideas that our minds grasp at a later time. Very beautiful and good fodder for how dreams form.
    Did you ever read “Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives”
    It is fantastic. I think your story could take a direction along those lines but meeting in the cosmos.


    1. I’m going to see if I can get this. Sounds like my kind of read. If it helps me with direction then so much the better too. I’ve already done a few ‘scenes’ where it is otherworld. That’s the easy bit. Bringing it back to reality and keeping the sense and feel of it is a bit of a trial. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll get right on that. 🙂 x


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