Polar Attraction

Two cry together

In separate rooms

But pride holds sway

Till the end,

Neither believing,

Forgiving, forgetting,

Where once, before love,

They were friends.


Tears on the flooring

Make puddles and pools

Each drop depicting

A scene

Of words from the past

And visions that last.

What happened to love

In between?


Why, when and how

Are the questions they ask

And answers, the two bent on seeking.

But comfort in arms

Rings bells of alarm

When neither of the two

Are yet speaking.


Such misunderstanding

When love is confused

And tears blind

What may be seen.

Too often two lovers

Hide under covers

When all it takes is

To say what they mean.


The games people play,

Without true intention,

Fear of hurt,

Resisting the action.

Dry all the eyes,

Open doors wide,

Meet half way,

To polar attraction.


20 thoughts on “Polar Attraction”

  1. Love this sis…..on a lighter note….Happy Birthday big sister….love you…..keep on blogging baby! See you later to give you your 35 birthday bumps!!!! xxx


      1. Hey, who snuk a birthday in here and never let on??? 35….shoot, I could have sworn not a day over 25. Wisdom of a Goddess…but still acts like a Bardess!!!! Writing poetry, love and frivolity in the same breath and showing us the secret of being alive! To live and express it truthfully! The wisdom of a saint, but the knowledge to scare us into realising it!
        Ok, where’s the party? 🙂


      2. Oh goody! Party time….but you did try to sneak that past…it was only for your sister that she got you a beauty by putting it ‘out there’ on your blog 🙂 Don’t you love her….now the world knows your not this old school ma’m from yesteryear trying to instill pride and faith in a system long dead 🙂 Now we know your one of those new school hottie’s that is instilling a truth of now. Did I ever tell you about my science teacher, the one with the big….um…ok, we won’t go there, but you know what I mean 🙂


      3. I am this old school marm! She was kidding about the 35. We’ve just decided to invert the numbers from here on in. I’m good with 35! Beats the hell out of 53. 🙂 x


      4. Shhh…no one will know…just keep writing and acting like you have been and none will be the wiser 🙂
        I’m good with the number inversion…but for me I don’t need to…my kids still think I act like a 12 year old, is that good? 🙂


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