A Feeling

There’s a movement afoot,

Can you feel it?

A dawning, a heavenly herald,

A belief in the brotherhood

Of humanity.

It’s sweeping right over the world.


There’s an aura of great expectation,

Of light

To pour from above,

Like drowning

In oceans of wonder,

Suffused with unending love.


There’s a knowledge that’s

Patently pending,

Already it’s making its way

From nation to nation,

Through calm contemplation,

Simple souls inspired, come what may.


There’s a phoenix that’s forming

From ashes,

His wings are ready to fly,

Head raised aloft,

His tone one so soft

Recurring death his reason for why


There’s a waiting in anticipation,

Vast wings

To envelop and keep

All souls together,

To tackle whatever,

Arousing our spirits from sleep.


There’s a beacon that’s shed

From great lighthouse

Protecting all fleets from the reefs

Station the braces,

Let wind fill the main sail,

Make ready to fulfil beliefs.

33 thoughts on “A Feeling”

      1. I have been feeling it in my very soil since November, 2013 was very black feeling but I feel and see sunflowers and sunshine in my minds eye and just the number feels right 🙂 take care God bless x


  1. Brilliant! And I agree – several people I know have said similar things this year. The beacons of light are shining at one another, ready to unite in a vast web of radiance. x


    1. Thank you for your lovely words. I do feel there is a universal movement. Now need to wait and see what. Btw, did you come up with your political solution yet? 🙂 x


      1. Getting there- some ideas and a meeting to attend next week. Shall see how it all pans out and continue the thinking/talking/meeting people.
        I very much hope you are prescient- and that universally we are starting to wake up and realize we MUST work together.


      2. Oh, there’s definitely something afoot. ‘I can feel it in my water’ as we say. I’ll be interested to know how it goes. Some sort of new action is required. 🙂 x


      1. I am sorry Scottishmomus. I have to say this, but if you don’t let this through I understand..

        @*** Foundation. I thought this stuff was left back in the 20th century, What do you want? Changes in the English Dictionary and making sure that every person stops using certain words because it upsets a few aging hippies, get real, no wonder this world is screwed up with rants like yours.

        I suppose if you had your way God would have made Eve first with the penis and Adam ate the apple and had menstrual pains, Jesus is to have a sex change and all her followers were males on their knees and Santa stays at home and does the dishes while female power makes the castrated reindeer fly to deliver Asexual dolls to girls and boys. Its a word that has been used a lot longer than women have been wearing trousers around the house.

        Do you know what harm you can do to young and very impressionable minds with this irresponsible talk, children and young adult have a difficult time with sexuality without causing more confusion on where they stand. Schools do their best to teach equal living rights many even ban the use of magazines and newspapers as table covers when painting as they do not want to show the female form as something to look upon.

        I have taught photography to many many preteen and teenagers and I always worked hard to teach that fashion models both male and female where not to be seen as something to look upon as an object of desire but as people doing a job of work and are intelligent, educated individuals.
        Then people like you come along and undo all the hard work people are doing to make sure male and females grow as equals. You really make me scream…….both high pitch and low……

        P.S. btw as you have stated on your website the word *** cannot be used as it is copyrighted and is on your website and it says and you quote ; *** Foundation All Rights Reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without *** Foundation’s express consent.
        So as you have made that quite clear that no one is allowed to use the word *** so your campaign won’t go very far if no one is allowed to use the word *** without your express permission. 🙂


      2. I really try not to be censored in my blog.
        So I’m letting this through, Pete.

        I would say that I get where the reader was originally coming from and I supported her logic in a comment on her page some time back, referring to gender distinction where words are used deliberately to convey a demeaning of the sexes. I do appreciate that people have had to battle harder than others to be recognised as worthy because of gender.
        My issue is with misinterpretation and exploitation of words in common parlance with universal meaning. Those battles that are worthy of being fought (and there are many) are not well served, I believe, when words are taken out of context and misconstrued to serve a different end.
        I have no wish to cause hurt to the person concerned and I really hope that understanding follows the rationale within this post. Should she read it.
        Having said that, I have no idea about the person’s age or ‘hippy’ tendencies, Pete. Many people, as you rightly point out, go to great lengths to ensure a more equitable world and fairer perceptions till one day we all may see more clearly the universality of humanity.


  2. I am shocked at you what about the ghost people, what about ghostiehood I am so angry I demand more recognition for us without body, the bodyless, its not our fault that we are see through, Ican see what you are doing trying to make it all HUMAN-ity what about GHOSTmanwoman-ity…..Its just NOT fair. Bye, Sefew


    1. I agree anyone can have their say but there are to many people trying to tell others how to live their lives without knowing them. Here we have a female who got angry just because you used the word Humanity, a word which has been used for centuries and suddenly because someone doesn’t like the man bit in between they want it changed, why not burn books that contain the word humanity, why not like America did in the 50’s and 60’s censored certain books because they used certain words, but black people were not allowed on certain buses or at certain schools, eat at restaurants, men AND women have died side by side over the year for humanity, did they want the word changed before they gave their lives for everyone male, female, black, white, young, old, or sky blue ginger!!!
      It doesn’t matter, people don’t give a toss, if you feel the need to change something then allow people to be different, *** foundation please yourself call yourself what the hell you want but getting angry about it will not help your cause what ever cause that is.


  3. I read the response to the comment first, and now having read the poem I have to admit that I am still at a loss as to what could have prompted such a comment. It clearly speaks in universal terms, and although “her” would’ve worked just as well for the phoenix it is up to you as the poet to choose which pronoun to use. After all, phoenixes are more often than not referred to as a “he” – beautiful poem, deeply felt and joyful.


      1. I think they must have. When we read comments, we can never know the context of those writing them. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. x


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