Battle Of The Sexes? Let’s Get Serious.

I wrote a poem yesterday. A Feeling. What’s new? Well, one of the comments on my poem for starters.

‘Your post is all about him. What about her? Sorry, I am very angry at the ‘so called’ brotherhood of hu-man-ity. Bye.’

I’ll attempt to address this without seeming patronising but I sincerely struggle with anyone’s objection to the use of certain words. There are 152 words in this poem. Five of them may be perceived as referring to gender if wished.

‘His’ references a phoenix. Used as a metaphor.  Three times ‘his’ was used.

‘Humanity’ or’ brotherhood’ to describe the fellowship or unity of homo sapiens as a species.

I have long since passed the need to be politically correct in my use of sex defining pronouns and refuse to write poems that must refer to he/she, him/her etc. And I use other words as I see fit.

My first loyalty is to Spirit that I believe we all are. Next to part of a species – human beings. That is what we are called. Lastly, but no less importantly, to my sex. I am a woman and proud of it but I do not need to prefix every point I make with politically correct lexicon that seeks to subvert common understanding.

‘Hu-person-ity’ would just be ridiculous. ‘People’ did not say what I wanted it to say. ‘Personhood’ would be almost equally ridiculous. I embrace my humanity. And can find no better word to elicit the understanding that is universal in its name.

The etymology and definition of words are there to be researched and understood in their fullest context. Should separatism be seen in words, there is more likelihood that the perception is born of subjective analysis by the reader than overt or subversive intention by the author.

If I saw a man on the street in need of help- and I do mean a man here, one with a penis – would I be less likely to come to that person’s aid than if I saw a woman lying in the same need? Woman as in, ‘I have a vagina’. Of course not. Or is that just me? Are there those whose humanity – compassion, fellowship, charity, mercy – is governed by the sex of a person? Please tell me this is not true. That the perception of humanity is gender defined.

When I say ‘Man’ or ‘man’ in general terms it ought to be obvious to anyone that the reference is to humanity, people, homo sapiens. Give me a better word.

I am aware that in some parts of the world there is an ongoing battle with equality between the sexes in many ways. The struggle continues and I support equality and justice. I fight for equality and justice. For people. All people. Regardless of sex. Colour. Creed. Nationality.

I’ve lived for 53 years now. It does not take even a fraction of that time to come to the conclusion I came to as a very young woman – maybe in my late teens- that those who are enlightened to justice and equality have no need to embark on arguments that belittle common sense.

I accept ‘chairperson’ because it works as a replacement for ‘chairman’. One or two others do too. I can’t even be arsed trying to think of which ones. Seriously, it is beneath me.

When men seek to define women in derogatory ways by using words like slut, whore, bitch, etc. yes I object for there is no real equivalent in speaking of the actions of men unless we start to use, man-slut, man-whore.

There are men and women of goodness just as there are men and women of evil intent. There are men who recognise equality and justice for all just as there are women. To argue otherwise negates half of society and relegates that half to something less than human.

To denegrate the sense of women by entering into nonsensical word changes for the sake of political correctness makes me hang my head in shame. We, as women, are better than that surely. Have more sense than that. Surely?

The same is true for many other forms of politically correct address and simply makes a nonsense of well-reasoned arguments. If the intention is to slur by words then certainly argue your case. But, how often is that the case?

I think I am correct in saying that the USA has become more prone to this type of p.c. nonsense. Correct me if I’m wrong. If you’re bald then you’re bald. ‘Follicly challenged.’ Don’t make me laugh. ‘Vertically challenged?’ You’re short. So what?

There is one human species. There are battles raging among nations. There are people fighting the world over for justice and equality in the name of right and truth.

Let’s stick to the important stuff and stop sweating the trivia. Please. In the name of common sense. And if you want to be taken seriously.

My answer to the commenter was:-

‘I am sorry you feel that any reference to people in words that are universally recognised in meaning should somehow slur womankind. I do not.’


26 thoughts on “Battle Of The Sexes? Let’s Get Serious.”

    1. It truly boggles my mind. Always has done. I thought most people had gone beyond that sort of trivia. Just goes to show. Breadth and depth and common sense. Depends on the reader, I suppose. Ah well, I can live with it. Lol. 🙂 x


    1. It does rather do my head in. Thanks for your support. I know within myself that there are many who are one in humanity. Unnecessary divisions based on language I can do without. x


  1. Some people are crazy and have a looooot of time on their hands. I needed a dictionary for half of your reply but I was mesmerized nonetheless.


    1. I like me words, matey! Lol. 🙂

      I’ve said in reply to Pete that I hope this post explains to the reader the danger of annexing words to serve one cause. I have no wish to enter into a word match that demeans anyone. I simply refuse to be censored by an idea.


  2. ok – I’m just gob smacked ~ totally ~ I ain’t one for big words unless I have my Thesaurus up and running – but each to their own and you a poet – you have a license to write what you feel and want ~ so…well there that’s all I’m sayin’ 🙂 xx Write On!


    1. I’m thinking of my dad here. He always used to say that when I went off on one, ‘You go all posh and start a verbal onslaught’. God bless him, he knew me better than I realised. 😉 x


  3. I have written from both standpoints and have not considered it to be ever a gender issue. Perhaps your commentator was having a rough day. Oh well…


  4. One misunderstood reader does not represent the whole…it only reflects her own misunderstood mind. Sorry for the delay in reply. I am feeling under the weather. No, it was not your email. I promise. haha Was fighting the flu this past few days. I will reply soon. Keep writing, keep feeling. Your words are yours and remain authentic to your thoughts/emotions/experiences. This is the beauty about diversity. See, we need to showcase women who embrace humanity in the real sense, it is all inclusive with the highest regards for siprituality. I am with you, Soul Sister. Hugs x


  5. Good grief – surely there are enough real things in the world to get angry about without getting flustered over the use of a pronoun?! Your reply, of course, is right on the money.


    1. My feelings too. I get over ire quite quickly. Over this. Big time. Just a blip in different understandings and perceptions. Using words as I see fit and hope are chosen well. Thanks for your response. Many feel as you do. Let’s sweat the big things. And even those we might have to not sweat too much if we understand more. 🙂 x


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