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I have no words for what is here. Please read.

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Open up the papers on any day of the week and you are bound to find another article on rape. It is a pandemic. No corner of the world is safe from it.

I tend to get my daily news from the Guardian. The world’s attention is once again focused on rape and violence against women in India. 

Connaught-place-inner-circle-1On Tuesday, a Danish woman was gang-raped near Connaught Place, a popular shopping location in the centre of New Delhi. She was lost and asked for directions. Is this what things have come to? A 51-year-old woman getting beaten and robbed, raped for daring to ask for a helping hand. No arrests were made.

Visiting India had been long on my list of must dos, but I have to admit I will not be making my way to the subcontinent in a hurry. Until the Indian government takes the issue with the seriousness…

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  1. I don’t believe that rape is on the increase, I believe that the reporting of it has increased. We have access to news from every country and practically every town in the world, even 20 years ago we only saw on the national news which was important but we can switch on our phones, tablets, computers and get information. I remember having the same conversation during my training but about the rise in youth crime, but the national figure showed a 1% rise in youth crime, again it was the reporting of it.
    Rape is down there with child abuse and it should be punished to the full extent of the law and if I had my way castration would also be on the table.


    1. I’m sure that’s quite possibly the case. I’m shocked at myself for not knowing the extent of it, especially in an age of greater access to information. I suppose I just don’t go looking for these facts. They depress me terribly and I feel useless to change it. Finding how to stop it is paramount. All these these things have their roots in violence and control. Power wielded with embraced evil. It’s a struggle that is obviously everywhere and manifest in so many ways.


      1. Rape has always been around, its always been used as you say as form of control, its been used throughout the centuries its even mentioned in the old testament, another reason why its a low report rate and that proof, its become better with DNA but actual proof is difficult to prove. Another is male on male rape, this among male is a thing that never happens but its more common then is made out as a male is unlikely to report it and then there is female raping a male, the police use to dismiss this as a true crime until it was proven. I still as a male has a problem with a female raping a male as if I was being beaten and forced at knife point the chance of me gain any thing resembling an erection is zero, but it does happen.
        I real feel for anyone what ever the sex who are raped it must be the most horrific thing next to being murdered that anyway can receive.
        I know people who have been sexually assaulted as children and as adults and listening to what they tell me is sickening.
        I think a mix as alcohol, easy access to adult material, lack of respect for each other and a huge lack of education and this education should happen a a young age at least age 10 as research know that what is experienced just before puberty can be taken into adult life as a sexual fantasy, this has been proven time after time when those who have been convicted of sex crimes have talked about their first experiences. The book ‘Red Dragon’ which was part of our study when I did psychology and there was a connection between blood and sex when the main character lived with a female relative.
        The book by Thomas Harris its the first Novel to introduce to Dr Lecter and the correspondence with the ‘Tooth Fairy’ The Tooth Fairy is revealed to be the production chief of a St. Louis film processing firm named Francis Dolarhyde. He is a disturbed individual who is obsessed with the William Blake painting “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun”. Dolarhyde is unable to control his violent, sexual urges, and believes that murdering people—or “changing” them, as he calls it—allows him to more fully “become” an alternate personality he calls the “Great Red Dragon,” after the dominant character in Blake’s painting. Flashbacks reveal that his pathology is born from the systematic abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of both his sadistic grandmother and his stepfamily.
        This is a more extreme point but it happens at all levels and everyone learn sexual behavior from something from our childhood very early teenage years and if we can change that with education then we can cut the number of sex crimes.


      2. I get where you’re coming from, Pete, and education goes a long way to helping. As does example and respect. What horrified me particularly were some of the details reported on. Papua New Guinea. My god. It defies belief. And public rape. Penalties of no worth. Attitudes endemic to cultures that suggest it is almost acceptable. Bad and bad enough that it happens but the fact that it is condoned virtually. Well, actually. How does one change national perception? In so many nations? It is massive. And so too are all sorts of crimes. But, as you said earlier, something that strikes to the core of a person is hellish. And children being hurt. These things are monumentally sad.
        Sorry, Pete. I can’t even go on with this just now. It does something inside my brain that I can’t handle.
        Thanks for reading it and for your comments. I know I will revisit this. I just can’t any more tonight. It really has got to me.x


    1. Hence the need to ‘go dancing’ tonight. Utterly horrific. Between that and politics I was ready for a swing round the floor. Some reading just boggles the brain. And hurts.x


      1. Oh hubby will do it if the occasion requires but it’s not really his thing. Me and my gang all love a dancing session in the living room. Otherwise I’d be well out of practise. The staff Christmas night out was a great dancing session. Nothing like it for chasing the cobwebs and freeing the soul! Must go put some music on now while I get ready for work. Hope I keep the lippy straight. 🙂 x


  2. Tragic and very scary… I am of the belief that in many of parts of Asia, it is still being reported much less than the reality. This is one issue that makes my blood boil.


    1. The facts as presented shocked me to the core. It’s a hellish thing even if just for one. But the scale defies my reality. Blood boils right along with yours. x


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