Dark Lagoon

Delve where daring

Daunts all others,

Dive deeply, dark Lagoon.

Three-pronged attack, Trident’s way,

Coelacanthic gloom.


Tempest rages,

Tortures, troubles,

Tantamount to death.

Cleave to saving  rocks around,

Resist thoughts

That leave bereft.


Confusing calm

A placid status

On ocean’s surface seen.

Melee below,

Currents flow

Beneath the glassy sheen.


With fork transposed, inverted,

Waves toss vessels,

Cast away,

Flotilla persists

Where linked, resists,

Safely home to bay.


Video reading Dark Lagoon


21 thoughts on “Dark Lagoon”

    1. Had to double check the spelling on that. I had an ‘o’ where it was an ‘a’. Bugger! I hate when I get it wrong. And I figure we’re allowed to make up our own adjectives. Perk of the job!
      And ten’s a major whoopee from me! 🙂 x


  1. 1. What inspired you to write this? 2. There a video! I’ve always wanted to record my poems but I am too shy to show my face on cam. Maybe I’ll follow your example, sans the face…LOL!!!…Oh man, now I wanna post something! Will do later… 3. Love the accent 🙂


    1. 1. In the shower! water and thoughts, great combo! 2. I’m getting braver by the minute doing the vids. At first, you could hardly see me. Now I’m getting brazen.One of my kids commented recently that she really didn’t know why I thought I was anonymous any more ‘cos it was plain to see who I was and I’ve said so much about myself and crew that anyone who knows us would know it was me. I was trying to keep a low profile cos of work. But I think I might be failing on that one. And getting to the point where I’m ok with that. Why not try a voice reading first? And then see how you feel. I love hearing the voices and accents of others. Such diversity.
      3. Glad you can make me out. I never think too much of accent when I’m speaking ‘properly’. Lol. Obviously it’s still there. But I can adapt to suit. Might be time for a really posh one. Or broad Glaswegian. 😉 x


      1. I hate my voice. I know how I sound already. I used to be a college radio DJ. It wasn’t the voice that got me in, that’s for sure. They wanted people who could talk, Anyhoo, my poems mostly tend to be serious. And the way I read them, let’s just say that Ron Perlman of the Beauty and the Beast series made a lot of influence on me. If you’ve seen it or heard the song The First Time I Loved Forever, you get the idea…I just posted two poems, by the way 🙂


      2. Now I’ll have to check out HellBoy. I just know him through the character. from years ago. Used to enjoy it. It was what’sherface from Terminator that was the female lead, wasn’t it? 😉 x


      3. To be honest, me, too! Vincent (beast) looked more appealing. Nevertheless, I’ve developed a fondness for Ron. Not a crush-fondness, I like him. I like seeing him on the screen. Good character actor.


      4. Yeah, he has one of those faces that once seen you don’t forget. And actors like that often end up with loads of great roles but I can never remember their names. or what they’re in till the next time I see them on screen and then I have an aha moment of recognition. I can see a few of them in my head right now but I’ll be damned if I can remember anything about them other than that you’re pretty well assured of a good film if they’re in it. Bit of a shame in a way that they don’t get the recognition that the more glam ones get.


      5. He was in Alien:Resurrection, in one of those Blade movies, another one which title I forgot…He’s been everywhere (well, that’s an exaggeration but you get the picture, he he). Oh Ijust remembered, that link to his pic that I found via Google, I checked the link and that leads to a page discussing about him and his filmography 🙂


      6. Interesting article and links on the ‘intriguing’ actor. He sounds like one of these guys that can play any role and doesn’t worry about how he looks as long as he can get his teeth into it. Now I’ll hopefully remember his name next time I see him on TV. 🙂 x


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