More Than Mere Words

Are you ok?

Are you well?

I need to know these things.

When I care, I care.

I can’t make that go away.

Are you thriving?

Are you happy?

Do you need someone?

Is life blessing your days?

Is there a way I can help?

Just say.

Love is what it is.

And spreads.

Be well.

Be blessed by love.

Don’t be afraid.

Or alone.

How are you?

More than mere words.


32 thoughts on “More Than Mere Words”

  1. Legend has it that Mark Twain was once asked “How are you?” by a man who really didn’t care.
    He proceeded to shake the man’s hand, and then hold it for an hour and a half while explaining just how he was doing.
    Those three words certainly mean a lot don’t they.


    1. I’ll bear that in mind. I suppose it is a fine line between caring and how others may perceive it. Trying to determine as we go. One of the bloggers here has disappeared since October and it worries me. I feel something may be wrong and there’s no way of helping. Once I feel I know people I find it hard to switch off. And I know she didn’t keep well. And it’s the other side of the world. I’ll have to stop becoming too attached perhaps. But people do feel like friends and I would want to be there for a friend. There seems to be nothing to be done. But I’m vexed. Thanks though for the advice. I really will try to tread carefully.x


      1. I understand you, because that’s exactly how I felt. It’s hard switching off then, and it’s kinda painful getting too attached to anyone at all. We know only a part of them when we read, and it’s obvious to ‘feel’ for them if we’re readers or friends, I think. But just like you put, there’s a fine line between caring and how they perceive it.
        I hope your blogging friend is doing fine there… Best wishes 🙂


      2. Many thanks again. I hope she is too. Maybe she’ll just reappear and I’ll have been worrying for nothing. And I’ll try to switch off my worrying gene. It’s good to get another perspective on it. I wouldn’t like to have an experience that you speak of. Best wishes to you too. 🙂 x


  2. Lovely poem, sad truth. So many pass you by at work in the hallways, “How, how are ya?” never expecting a response other than “Fine and you” …I used to mutter under my breath at times when Ii worked at a community mental and medical health centre. “Do you really want to know?” but anything more than “fine” more often than none stops them in their stride and makes the questioner late for their cuppa, or meeting or whatever. Working in sales for a few years 17 years ago, I would ask my customer, “How are you today” and their “fine” often sounded rushed and meant so much more. Sometimes, I’d say, “Sounds like a blue Monday this morning, eh?” and once a customer proceeded to share his wife were at hospital tending to his mother in law’s bed who was dying of a terminal disease. My boss criticized me once for knowing too much about some customers…and I just said, “I don’t pry, Rick, I just listen.” Oooops sorry for being longwinded here. cl xx


    1. Not long-winded at all, Cheryl. That’s nothing on me. 😉 But I know what you mean. I find myself chatting to old ladies in supermarkets and you just know they’re glad of an ear. I think sometimes people might not see anyone from one week to the next and just want a natter. We can all afford another few minutes with someone. x


      1. So true. When my daughter was in Kindergarten, I would pick her up at 11:30 and bring her with me as I delivered Meals on Wheels…Oh how she brought joy to these people who may not have had other visitors until next meal on wheels.


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