Foretaste Of Heaven

Seekers ask why and who, what and when

And where and, usually, how,

Must I live to ensure clear fulfilment

In life lived in the here and the now.


Hunters espy the target they seek

And plan how to meet the provisions,

Situate selves to best prey entrap

To achieve successful mission.


Quarry runs scared in every direction

Afraid to settle, except only themselves to hide,

Eyes darting always in fear of detection.

Life lived but with terror inside.


Learners believe that life is a book,

Encyclopaedic in nature

With facts to be learned by rote, kept in mind,

Often to prove their own stature.


Scientists experiment with wondrous array

Of elementary particles of land

Take notes and measure, test out their theories,

Dismiss faith often quite out of hand.


Lovers embrace that thing known as love,

Yearn for love gained and given.

Many there are who seek many ways

To experience a foretaste of heaven.


13 thoughts on “Foretaste Of Heaven”

  1. Lovely poem that reads nicely and makes you think…Makes me want to add more…desperation seeking hope, impoverished seek to quench…so much to think about. I love a poem that takes you away in your mind like that. Thank you, dear friend, xx


  2. We all yearn to live a full life, to savour the “foretaste of heaven”, refusing to settle for anything less. Yet along the way, we get confused and distracted. Sometimes we even mistake the reflection of the moon, for the moon. But we continue to yearn, and hope 🙂


  3. Your poem has a great aftertaste, like expensive Scotch, with that lingering tingle of “foretaste of heaven” in arms of a lover. It think I’ll let it roll about a bit.


  4. I love this. It reminds me of a passage in a book I’m reading “Same Soul, Many Bodies” (a sequel to “Many Lives, Many Masters”) and he states that everyone seeks spiritual awakening. And it is so true, it is the reason we do almost everything we do. Don’t you think?


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