Give me reasons. I need reasons.

Sometimes love is not enough.

                        Give me choices. I need choices.

                        Sometimes fear makes choices tough.

Give me answers. I need answers.

Sometimes answers are hard to take

                       Give me peace, please. I need peace.

                       Sometimes peace is a welcome break.

Take my mind, please. And my heart.

Take my hands and show the way,

                        Take my freedom and captivity,

                        Take my feet and lead away.

Give me patience. I need patience.

Take my restless spirit and hold.

                        Give me balance; equilibrium,

                        Calmer life, but with actions bold.

Leave my worries and my thoughts, please,

In a lake that’s deeper than miles,

                        Remove the fretting and the workplace;

                        All the trials that forsake my smiles.

When it’s written I feel better,

Like an ocean has subdued, consumed

                       All the reasons that in life I

                      Have been wound up; upon presumed.

Now the melee is behind me

And my refuge is in sight,

                    Quieter moments, pad and pen here

                    Soothing words I have to write.

Gentle thrumming, plucked in time, the guitar chords

Within my mind, music strumming, tempoed to my written words.

                   There are reasons why we suffer, moments lost that crush the soul,

                  Angry thoughts blurring serenity, fragments chipped from what is whole.

I can do this, just like you can, I can rise up after fall.

Time to think, pull together, remember why I’m here at all.

                   Too much doing, no time to think, too much action, moments lost.

                  Days like this, in life so chosen, I stop, at last, to count the cost.


22 thoughts on “Strength”

    1. Thank you for reading. I’m glad you could relate. I know sometimes poetry is very much within the eye of the reader. So much of it can be done in imagery and then other times like this one it’s just what it is. Straight from the guts. I’ll have to remember that when I’m writing. 🙂 x


      1. Please don’t change your style because of me. I don’t do well with symbolism anyway. On the other hand there are many who can and do appreciate it.
        It just gives me something to work towards. In the meantime, I enjoyed and related to this one.


      2. I probably couldn’t change it too much anyway. But it is interesting to note the different styles that appeal. This one was very much written in frustration and annoyance to begin with and by the end I had already calmed down. It started off quite plainly enough saying exactly what I felt then began to get symbolic again. You’ve given me food for thought. Maybe when I’m calm I’m more prone to imagery. If I’m ‘roused’ I get to the nitty gritty. Have to give this a bit more thought. Just for my own purposes. I’m glad you could relate to this one though. 🙂 x


  1. I dub thee…Scottishmommus, Scottish Herald of poetry, Bardess of story and tale, and a wee lass with the heart of gold that none may challenge. Arise Scottishmommus…may you ever be the champion of all, with pen, heart and soul! Strength indeed! 🙂 x


    1. We all share these days I think. Never sure if we can keep on and then surprising ourselves when we do. I’m glad you could relate. It’s wonderful to know that we reach each other in words and feelings. x


  2. This reminds me of what I read about last night…sattva, rajas and tamas. Sattva is the equilibrium, the balance, between the action of rajas and relaxation of tamas. Hard to find that balance. I imagine you, like me, tend to reside in rajas.


    1. I think I definitely swing between the two. Too much action doesn’t sit well on my mind. I need time to reflect. When I don’t get it I go a bit doo-lally. Seeking the balance is a must. x


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