Guided hands feel their way,

Breathless sighs betray.

Fantasy fuels the ardent fire,

Two, transfixed, desire.

Immortal code betrays in flesh

Lovers touch, caress.

A mirrored need to seek the one,

Melded, they succumb.

Dissolving into liquid pool,

Tightened muscles overrule

All mental hope, facility

To rationalise what skin betrays.

Urgent passage to the place

Where blood suffuses; endless grace.

Crescendo in a wanton song,

Affinity where two belong.


22 thoughts on “Affinity”

    1. Well, if I can’t warm the odd cockles, I’d give up!
      I’m so jealous of your temperatures. It’s bloody cold and wet here. Roll on Spring. Or emigration. Whichever comes first with a dose of sunshine. 😉 x


      1. My door is always open…might be time to take a few more pic’s and put in my gallery, put up some hot sunshine for you poor dwellers in that part of the world! 🙂


      2. Oooh, yes please! I could start early on the hot and humid posts. Get myself geared up for what may or may not transpire for summer this year. Always a bit of a lottery that one. Unfortunately. I really should have been born where the sun shines more. It’s my cup of tea. 🙂 x


      3. Like every other thing Australian, too much sun, too much wind, too much fire and too (okay, the winters aren’t really that bad here 🙂 ). Actually where I live it usually doesn’t get below 14 C (57F) in mid winter with the odd occasional cold snap that will go down (briefly) to 2 or 3 C (37F). You really need one of those jobs where you have to go North during the winter, like a migrating whale, to lose that cold (loving) feeling! 🙂 I will take a pic or two to stir the senses and let you know!


      4. Lots of blazing sunshine would go sown well right about now. Dank and dreary here. 😦 Bloody winter. Some pics would be great. Might even print them off and stick them on the walls. 🙂 x


  1. Ahh, you got me at Breathless sighs betray and warming up our frosty night in Montreal…thank you my dear…lovely, so beautifully written …desire in poetic justice:)


  2. I can now retire and turn my blog over to you!! 🙂 Very well done —– where have you been hiding this saucy lady?


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