All-gifted, all-giving, the gods did provoke,

Relinquished the right, them so to invoke.

Promethean crime, aid for mankind, aroused ire,

Retribution, from gods owning fire.

First woman among us, moulded from earth,

Bestowed by all deities, heavenly blessed.

But cursed by the gifts duality knows.

Determination, Zeus overthrows.

A gift bearing ills in a jar or a box,

Pandora relents and evil unlocks.

But hope still remains for good or for ill

Perception is all when hope does instil

Belief in the story of why god would choose

A mixture of gifts, some evil to use.

Is hope then a curse to action instead

Or essence to reflect on when life’s all but dead?

My hope is a blessing, that hope is a gift,

Enabling souls to elevate, to lift,

When all feels too empty, like box opened wide.

Let hope be the light that remains still inside.

candle 3



10 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Good points all, God did grant us the seeds of our own destruction, according to the Bible. Then did he mean for us to be destroyed by our own curiosity? I think in that theory, god would definitely be male. LOL Or does it mean that our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses, and we have to be on guard all the time against ourselves?


    1. The story is a comparison to Adam and Eve and disobedience. But I like to think our God is merciful and gives us hope. Whereas some interpretations of the Pandora version suggest hope is futile, like a further evil, to negate our ability to act. Merely waiting. I suppose like all legends and myths it can be viewed as we interpret. That’s what I do. 🙂 x


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