What If?

What if every place you’d ever lived could tell a story;

A recounting of your life by many walls?

What if every word you’d said and deed you’d done there

Were embedded in the rooms and in the halls?


What if one day when you wanted to remember

All the living that you’d done in houses past,

You put glass to wall and stories fairly poured forth?

Would you recognise the days and years all passed?


If a record of your days in each was written

And portrayed poetically in film or book

Would you read, survey, enjoy all that you saw there?

Be happy so to have another look?


Or would walls be haunted by memories that maimed there

And bleed distempered paint into the rooms?

Would the years and months and days be reflective of your dreams

Or a nightmare lived, encased in fetid tombs?


What if those you’d known and loved were all still present

In the fabric of the buildings that you’ve known?

Would their eyes be wide like yours at the secrets all revealed

At the manner of your ways not always shown?


What if where you lived right now had all new plaster

And a sheath to shelter brick from broken tithes?

Would you take the chance to start afresh and try there

To edit and improve upon your life?


30 thoughts on “What If?”

  1. Love this post. It has started me thinking of all the places I have lived, and there have been many, and what happened to cause me to make choices that led down another path. If I could, I’d return to my parents’ apartment in 1943 and choose differently.


      1. Just don’t read them to your dog. I think that falls under animal cruelty. Just like when I lock Wizard in the room and then sing.


      2. So now you are assuming my singing is bad, not that my dog just has a ‘tin ear’. I get it.

        I have to keep it all going. My job you see. I have nothing else to do. So, sitting here messing with you and your poems and Trey and his silly stories is all I got. Feel pity for me? Yeah, I didn’t think that was going to work. Let me try something new.


      3. I forgive you a million times! Your beautiful Peace and Love badge fixes everything. Thank you so much. It means so much in sharing friendship. You’re a wee star.
        Now you can go back to ribbing me. I’m good with it. 🙂 x


      4. Ok, right now I am trying to read some of your long stuff. On the FB page, what if you found some small pic? I notice on mine it carries the pic I have in the blog, not my pics for the personal icon or banner. I know you don’t have any pics on your posts, I wonder if you can change them just for FB. It might not actually matter to you though, you may 5,000 followers, unlike me. I haven’t even hit 200. I think people follow and then un-follow later. Well, unless they are following the Hughman.


      5. Who follows the Hughman? Really! How bizarre! 😉
        I’m still getting to grips with Facebook. But I’ll see if I can add pictures for you. Good grief woman, you make my life harder. Lol. So it’s a comic strip you want? Or the Animaniacs to verse? I’ll try. 🙂 x


      6. What I was talking about was pictures on your posts. Then I looked at some of mine, ones where I didn’t have a picture that worked for FB I guess, I noticed it just threw in my purple lady picture. I just know from looking at other’s writings from WP which show on FB, if there is a picture I am more apt to look at least at what it is about. No picture and the headline has to really catch my eye. Maybe it has something to do with the Gravatar thing for WP: I always make sure I change that when I change my actual picture on WP. I am not sure how it all works together. Ignore my suggestions: I am not sure how to implement them anyway.


      1. One of my favourite books. 😉 The one on Word doesn’t even recognise a good many that you use. Not found. Then you doubt yourself and google it. Such simple satisfaction when you beat the computer! 🙂 x


      2. I’m going to try and thin out some of my books. It’s well passed ridiculous levels. Try and just keep my favourites. And the ones that have sentimental value. And my reference books. And school ones. Shit, I’m just going to buy more bookcases! 😉 x


  2. the house that built me…
    we leave because we need to find our selves
    we come back because the pieces are there somewhere…
    What a great poem…….I have always thought the walls we grow up with
    know us better than we know our self….
    I really like this…Thank you for sharing …
    Take Care…You Matter…


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