A Special Knowing



Some sounds cannot communicate,

Frustration writ upon her face,

One in class of only eight.

Disability, no disgrace.


His features formed in such a way,

Some may shun, avoid,

But hugs and cuddles and to play

Wants this gorgeous little boy.


Others too, though less severe,

Outwith my thirty years.

One day spent with angels who

Reduced my heart to tears.


They taught me more compassion

In the hours I spent with them.

For me, a timely lesson

In a different sort of pain.


A superior sort of knowing

In singular children who

Require some special teaching.

All involved, so extraordinary. And I bow to you.


11 thoughts on “A Special Knowing”

    1. It’s not my usual field. I really had my eyes opened to a different sort of education with marvellous people doing such patient work with special children full of love.x


  1. This poem hits close to home and is so beautiful! I’ve been working with a disabled population in mental health, and now education, for 11 years collectively. I’ve seen firsthand the amazing influence people can have when they take time for a different approach to education, or a different way to explain information to a child/student. Success and self-confidence are reachable for all students, regardless of any disability or label attached to their name. I love your refreshing perspective on this and saying such important words 🙂


    1. My hat is off to you. I don’t know if I could do it on a daily basis. Perhaps. But it is a steep learning curve for those involved. The level of dedication and patience is outstanding. I spent an amazing day dancing, singing, playing sensory games and anything else I could think of that would reach them. I was shattered at the end. Really. I slept 12 hours. The second time in a couple of weeks! Think I might be getting too old for this job.
      But many thanks to you and others who do this amazing work.x


    1. They were amazing kids. Totally outwith my realm of experience with children. I had to improvise big time.
      So glad all your services are going so well. I never doubted they would with you at the helm. 🙂 x


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