Respect. There’s The Buzz!

I wrote this today when I came home from school. I’ve had a challenging couple of days. One, yesterday, with children who need and who get, from their dedicated workers, the love and care they need to grow and learn. A group of people I now have the utmost respect for; because I understand better. I don’t think I could do it on a daily basis. I was shattered after one day of special ed.

I almost decided not to post this because I felt it sounded a bit big-headed, as if, ‘aren’t I so good at this?’

But then I read this post. I understand where the thoughts are coming from and I agree with some of the matters pertaining to control being ousted from the hands of parents and teachers and children thereby feeling they can get away with just about anything. But then why not all children? Not all children act up or misbehave even though the same legislation governs all.

And I figured I disagreed strongly enough to want to share why I think children often act the way they do and how it can be overcome by very simple measures. I don’t have discipline problems with the many classes I take. These classes may have up to 33 children in them, the legal limit. And I put it down to giving and expecting respect. And walking that walk.


And so began another round,

Children lost and children found.

Those who try their best to please,

Those who want you on your knees.


And here lies where I do my best,

A daily sort of different test,

Where all who bring their many moods

Can be taught that good is good.


A mindful sort of joint respect

Expected, so you always get

A shift, a change in attitude,

A lifting of those many moods.


I love it when I have the chance

To encapsulate, in just one glance,

What is needed; I appraise.

Teaching has momentous days.


Another job I could not do,

So many different points of view,

But only one that’s worth its weight;

When love is shown they hesitate –


To bother with the nasty eyes,

The blaming culture, telling lies,

The arrogance that some may feel.

We get to basics, discover real.


And when you see the child within,

The innocence, the carefree grin,

Even those whose moods are black

Succumb to love and give it back.


Thirty years of doing this

I rarely shout or want to cuss

For children know, ‘cos they’re not blind,

That some there are who read their minds.


No hesitation if you feel

That here’s a job where, for real

You can make a difference if

You’re prepared to love and give


And, in return, (the pay’s not much),

The satisfaction’s such a buzz

When children know and find their way.

An enjoyable education day.


16 thoughts on “Respect. There’s The Buzz!”

  1. You hit the nail on the head. It’s all about respect. Sadly, that has become a missing element in what many children are taught these days. Morals, manners and respect have seemingly been forgotten by so many. It not only affects the current generation, but also the generations ahead. I’m happy that you can see past the outer shells of these children and see the good people within. They still have hope and are not a lost generation…yet.


    1. I don’t think anyone goes to school wanting to be unhappy. But it happens too often. For teachers and for children. I just find that they respond so well to all that you have commented on.x


  2. A perfect summation of the joys, responsibilities, and vexations of teaching. It’s a talent – not everyone can do it. You wouldn’t think it, but teaching at the college level isn’t that much different.


  3. So much is hidden within the child, their outside persona displaying their upbringing, their perhaps lack of stability, love, guidance at the home front. It is commendable that you try and bring them out of themselves. The reward the praise, is from those faces that once held hate for the system and their peers, bringing smile and finding themselves with your help. You go Girl! 🙂 x


    1. It has marvellous days, I have to say. But, like any job, it has its drawbacks. It’s been a hectic week one way and another. Ready for a restful weekend. 😉 x


  4. You had me at “Children lost and children found”. I would never be the person I am today without all my teachers – those at school and those in life. What a meaningful profession – teacher! Hugs x


  5. Hello my friend how are you? 🙂 The old saying ‘You have to earn respect’ is utter bull, you give respect and you get respect back, not the case and trying to earn respect is always one sided. You tell a 8 year old that they have to earn your respect, they don’t know what you are asking for, children don’t want respected they want to be liked, loved and wanted and if you give that to a child they will love, like and want you right back. Even teenagers, its a difficult time for them, hormones, sex, boy/girlfriends, spots and again, they may disagree with me but they want to be liked, loved and wanted. Respect is not a human emotion, respect is one of those words that you find in the military, police force and with the MP’s who use it a lot but are so far from respecting each other it might as well not exist.

    With all the children I have worked with over the years and some have been holy terrors, I have never used the word respect, I have used words such as ‘Be kind to each other’ ‘Learn to play together’ ‘If you shout at your friends they won’t be your friends for long’

    Don’t get me wrong, punishment should fit the crime and sometimes especially the older teachers do go to far, we need to get back to the point of listening to children, let them tell you why they are doing what they do, I would rather spend 15 minutes listening then 5 minutes handing out a punishment. The child still needs to know they have done wrong but they also need to know that you still like them and want them around you.

    Some may very much disagree with me, but everyone has their own way to deal with naughty children, I have had no complaints 🙂


    1. I’m good, Pete. Shattered but good. 🙂 How are you?
      I think we’re singing from the same hymn book here. To me love shows respect. And to show love you treat people with respect. I don’t use that word with children. But when adults talk of respect they often refer to it as if it was a militaristic requirement and a one-sided one at that. No one likes being treated shabbily or made to feel as if they don’t matter. I think adults have to take that on board as well as children. A bit of mutual giving. I hate to hear adults speak to children as if they are stupid or insignificant. Some of the tones adopted by adults to kids would rival the return anyday. Seriously, I’ve wanted to have a go more often at adults than at kids. I think we get what we give. Lots of love and consideration. Not being a walkover. The two don’t have to combine. Kids know. Maybe better than adults. 😉 Take care of yourself. x


      1. It takes a lot for me not to like someone, my respect for others was tested the other day with someone, if my friend or I are attacked then watch out, respect goes out the window lol.
        I speak to children as they would expect to be spoken to and they know it. In 2000 I was working at a primary school doing my Learning Support placement, this qualification was new to school here and some of the classroom assistants didn’t like it as it was seen as they will be replaced, which wasn’t true we was more highly trained doing a year full time instead of 6 one day courses, but we were there doing a job and that was the well being and education of children.
        One very cold day, frost and salt mixed together in the playground and two children came to be to tell me Adam was eating the salt……..I will wait while you remember that you have been there and smile to yourself…………Adam was one of my children who I was working 1 to 1 with as he was difficult. I approached him, his coat unzipped hanging off his shoulders……I see you smiling again…. Anyway Adam being a small P5 that knelt down and I spoke to him and told him that cats come into the playground and they could have peed on the salt and that he didn’t want to eat cat pee as well as the salt. I then pulled his coat onto his shoulders and zipped it up and sent him on his way, it was dealt with respecting his feelings and I spoke to him in a way that Adam would find amusing and the way he would understand, last thing I wanted is Adams normal thing when he was told not to do something was to run and hide, it was to cold to spend 20 minutes looking for him when I should have been in a warm classroom.

        When I let my class into the school I felt a tug on my arm, it was one of the classroom assistants who has pointed out the error of my ways before and was wrong, she told me that she had watched me, I had invaded Adams space, I had disrespected his right to not have his space invaded, she carried on to tell me that I should not have touched his coat, I should have not zipped his coat up.

        She had no idea why I was talking to Adam, she was trying to put me down and she said that she must report this to the head. I took her to the side and I explained, that I had just finished working 10 years with social work with children who would rather remove her face with a tin lid than look at her and told her that she needs to respect the job I am doing, respect my intelligence and my ability to handle a Primary 5 that I have been working with for weeks and if she has a problem put it in writing and I will personally hand it to the head along with what really happened.

        She walked away and for the next 6 weeks never came near me lol. I hate disrespectful adults, children need to learn, adult should know better………Look you made we waffle again lol.

        Now your question am I ok? I am a little wiser than I was at 11.45am today, I had a hospital appointment with a neurologist who specialises in functionality disorder which I suffer quite badly with and have done since 1989 or there abouts, I didn’t know it was called this until September past, I was just fed painkillers and anti inflams by doctors telling me it was arthritis, worn joints, damaged nerves, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain etc but what they have discovered is
        If you read the link in this link, the neurologist says its disconnections of nerves connecting parts of the brain and it could have happened as my brain was developing as a child, poverty, trauma, can cause the parts of the brain not develop proper. So I have to go see someone else now it has been properly diagnosed today, I spent over an hour answering questions about my life especially interested about my violent father and having to have a tin bath………lol So I am happy a bit more today.

        Take care my friend:-)


      2. I’m glad progress is being made with the newly diagnosed condition. How long these things can take, eh?

        As for the classroom assistant….what a plonker!
        People like that give human beings a bad name. Glad you gave her a piece of your mind. she obviously needed it. 🙂 x


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