Woman’s Prerogative

Don’t start! It does so exist. Especially when you can’t make up your mind about favourite songs. And you’ve discovered how to embed!

Try this one for size. Sigh!

And I’m making no apologies for fancying Mark Knopfler. I don’t care if you think he’s bald. Or oldish. Or not gorgeous. Or whatever. There’s more to a man than his looks. As well we know. Such talent. Such skill. And lovely eyes. Ok, I know he’s not Hugh Jackman. But can Hugh play guitar like Mark? No. I didn’t think so. ( Sorry, Hugh. I still love you, but, truth be told, looks fade!) I love Hugh in a sort of ‘I want your body’ sort of way’. Don’t act it! So do you! Even you blokes know he’s got ‘something’.

But it’s mine!

But then Mark is, well, delicious, in a whole other sphere. *sigh*

What do you mean I need to see a psychiatrist?

Have you never heard of libraries and borrowing books as opposed to buying them? Yeah, well.  That! I’ve got a library card. And I’m using it. Raspberries to anyone who thinks I shouldn’t! Pthhhthhhhttthhhh! ( That’s what it sounded like when I did it).

P.S. There might be one more fab song coming up. It’s all I can manage tonight. 😉



Mark Knopfler. And Chilling.

So, by way of partial apology for not even looking at, let alone reading, other blogs in the last couple of days, I offer you this.

I’ve had the week from…..well, not hell, but not an easy one. We all get them. Life, I think they call it.

So I’m chilling. And loving it. A little bit of writing. Not fit for posting yet. A few haufs.

Nothing in my stomach all day, by the way, which isn’t good news for my stomach or tomorrow’s hangover. But appetite has gone somewhere. And I can’t find it.

Anyway, this guy I’m posting I’m proud to call Scottish. A guitarist, composer, singer, dreamer. He takes me back to my youth when I adored Dire Straits. ‘Sultans of Swing’ was my anthem for so long.

I find it hard to select which of his songs on this particular cd I favour most. I pretty much love them all.

But, if forced, I select this one.

Sung with James Taylor. Another hero. This song actually made me research the Mason Dixon Line. Because I didn’t know what it was.  I even bought a book on their story.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Because the only thing I am doing tonight is listening to music. Having a hauf. And I might try to persuade my stomach to eat something. Anyone got any chocolate?

Btw, this is the B side of what I bought the cd for. And it’s my favourite side. Just goes to show…..we don’t always know our own taste.

My sixteen year old has just taught me how to insert a video. So easy. And I’ve been like a headless chicken about it for so long. Kids, eh? Wee shits. They kid you on they know nothing that matters. And then they come up trumps.

Anyway, I’m garbling. That would be the 3rd whiskey having its effect. Enjoy. I’m not listening to this ‘cos I’m starting the cd from the beginning again. And going with the flow. Happy weekend everyone.