You don’t have to be Scottish……..

But it helps……

Starts off slow like the history of life and reaches crescendos of beauty that only music can encapture. This is Mark Knopfler. At one of his best. This is Scotland.

These are places I have been. This is where the heart of Scotland lies. This is where we come from when we say,’ Scotland’. This is the magic that exists for me and so many others when we say the very word that describes where we’re from and why there is that feeling that engulfs us all when we think of ‘home’.

His music is a metaphor for magic.

This is where I climb hills and Munroes. Where I avoid the depths of lochs that may contain monsters. Where the scenery is rugged and wild because that is how the weather is and forms the character of those who live here. This is why we survive against the odds that threaten to overwhelm.  We know the tough times. That mountainous beauty with greenery is why we survive. That whatever life throws in terms of constant depression  we lift our eyes to the mountains. We hear the song.And we sing.

We all do.

In every part of the world there are people who feel what I feel when I think of ‘home’.

A huge difference. But no difference.

Local heroes all.

Last of the whiskey induced, Jen. 🙂 Promise.