Maiden’s Tax

So charge I, on steed, with sword by my right,

Helmeted, lance ever ready, a dragon to fight.

For maiden’s fair hand, I temper all prominent urges

Till once she is rescued; with prize, all lust fully surges.

Her hand I will espouse and promises pledge

To satisfy coy damsel; virtuous, unwed.


‘Here comes my saviour, knight on a mount.

A charger of white, nothing less would account.

His pity I seek for the sake of my life

And promises garnered to take me for wife.

I’ve been here before and I know well my plan.

For sake of my lover I dispatch every man.’


Breath full of fire and sulphurous glances,

My beauty espies and retrieves all life chances.

Though fairest of skin and tender of treat,

I forfeit hunger for her, for man’s endless meat.

With power beyond a dragon’s full pant

She barters with lovers and keeps me from want.


Here comes adventurer, no round affiliation.

One errant in task, no gallant equestrian.

‘I have him in sight, my flighty companion.

Threaten my safety, so he may succumb

To all my appeal as I faint in your arms.

Careful, my darling, let wings come to no harm.’


‘Ah, beauty I see! I invoke all my power.

This is my challenge, my valiant hour.

Soon she’ll be mine, with other distress,

As I purge all my fancies in darkest of forests.

Then leave her to lie where the nymphs find their nook

No knight of King Arthur I, but a dastardly crook.’


‘Now then my love, let acting begin,

Diminish the breath that holds all flight in.

Conquer this creature and eat of your fill

Then soar into heavens with me; I’m your girl.

A treaty convenient and mutually exclusive.

Thwart all these knights with intentions abusive.


‘Play possum, precious, when he comes for you

But let not his sword nor his lance strike for true.

Should battle enrage and it looks like he’s winning

I’ll sever his head from his body, while grinning,

With foil that’s been taken from the one who betrayed

This maiden so worthy in earlier days.


‘No man need I here while you’re by my side

Orgasmic communion is ours while we glide

Through skies endless vistas while soaring full height.

Hurry, my love, here comes bastard knight.

Bedevil his chances and wait till I lure.

Captivity once certain, then kill him for sure.’


Urges are rising as three come to meet.

All hunger of types, relentless drum beat

From hearts that are full of their deepest desires.

Today two will vanquish and quench their soul fires.

And firmament welcomes the two who would axe

The daring of any who thwart maiden’s tax.

30 thoughts on “Maiden’s Tax”

      1. Dragon eggs anyone! Dragon eggs for sale! All instructions inclusive! Got a few incubating right now.

        Truer than lover and faster than steed,
        Can fly like the wind, protects from misdeeds.
        They’re going quite cheaply….
        Two for a penny!
        Get while they’re hot.
        There’s a rush on, not many
        Are left for discerning lovers around.
        Go on now, buy one.
        Get your feet off the ground.

        Damn! Sold out! 🙂 x


      2. Your a tease…I’m trashed! Never to know the love of a dragon…well, excluding my ex anyway! 🙂 (that was terrible, I take that back…karma gunna get me for sure!)


      3. It’s acomin’ on over the hill…I can see it!
        A pendant upheld on the back of a dragon. Believe it!
        Karmic profession, swift retribution. You’re for it!
        Oh why did you say that your ex was a villain? Just watch it!
        Look now the Dragon’s eating up karma. I told you!
        The Dragon’s your hero, not witch from the west. Did I say that?!
        He’s clearing up stories that abound about exes. He’s clear!
        His rep’s a bad rap so he’s sorting them out. Have no fear!
        Exes are tigers, but dragons are lovely wee cuties
        If I get more eggs in I’ll save you one of the beauties. 🙂 x


      4. lol. your a genius with wit and words mommus. I await my egg. And I will always keep my dragon warm, my karma cool, and my ex in another town…promise 🙂 (Oddly enough after 25 years we still get along fine 🙂 )


      5. She lives 90 minutes away, and doesn’t know about my blogging, and when my book is finished, that could all change. But, alas, she does have my mobile number 🙂 Apparently after a few years in I.T., I’m popular when her computer spits the dummy 🙂


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