Calling A Spade A Feckin’ Big Shovel

As some of you may know Scotland will have, on 18th September this year, the opportunity to vote for Independence from the UK. I have been mulling over the pros and cons. And I have been waiting for someone to say some of the things I feel and think about many different aspects of it.

In this video I heard it.

Not my most favourite person in the world but someone who calls a spade a feckin’ big shovel and is not afraid to do so.

Someone also who has long fought the corner of the ordinary person and has been vociferous in doing so.

The bigger picture though is that:-

Many of the issues I have with politics and those who claim to represent us were answered in this speech.

Many of the issues that affect us nationally and globally were addressed in this speech.

Many of the attitudes and greed and corruption, not to mention blindness and ignorance, that pervade politics were identified in this speech.

You may not agree with everything he says. I don’t either. But, by god, I agree with a lot of it.

A wake up call for Scotland. but perhaps also a wake up call for a wider audience.

I think I may have made my mind up at last.

Time yet for greater reflection. But who else will call the ‘tools’ into question with clarity so in your face. I need a dose of this in my politics and politicians.



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  1. Well my favourite Scottish person (for the moment 🙂 ) I have yet to meet someone who want independence, I was all for it until I was in Lidls, which I think is the holding cell for the Jeremy Kyle show, and I over heard a conversation of three women and one said “What do you think of this independence stuff” the second replied “Oh I don’t know” the third said ” I don’t care as long as they get rid of the f**king English back over the boarder” all three laughed and woman number two said “and the f**king Pakies and Poles”

    That is not only a fear of many but of a couple of local councillors I know, once Scotland has its independence the attacks on none Scots will increase. I put this to Nicola Sturgeon in a email and I received a bog standard reply telling me that Scotland is a very diverse country and Scots have a reputation blah blah.

    Really no answer. Giving 16 year olds the vote is a mixed bag, you have the intelligent 16 year old who has been influenced by their well educated parents, then the sensible 16 year old whose parents have advised them to make the correct decision, then the low life uneducated waster who thinks Braveheart was real and have watched it 200 times and has every word tattooed on their backs, arms and necks. Those voters are the dangerous ones and they are the ones that the SNP are pinning theirs hopes on.

    I am hoping either way that it will make life better for every person in Scotland and every Scot around the world. As a footnote, my son 29, born in Dundee, lived in Scotland until 3 years ago, he does no get the vote. Everyone who was born in Scotland and everyone who lives in Scotland should be entitled to vote………I wonder why they are denying ex-pats the vote.


    1. I wouldn’t judge Lidl’s as the benchmark for populist feeling. God I hope not. Nor the Jeremy Kyle Show. Jeez I want to check out if that’s the case.
      I’m hoping and believing , with just cause, that my children will make informed decisions based on the greater good. I hope I do too. I don’t believe, for one minute, that the general feeling is to oust immigrants. If we go that route most of us, including myself, would have to return to different lands. Ireland here I come.
      Everyone I know who has voiced their opinion on the subject has done so with really strong arguments. For and against. I have held sway while reflecting on it all but I think I’m pretty much there now. First independence to save us from further tory rule and then democratic vote, if such a thing still exists, to establish what we, as Scots, want to see as the future for our country and our world. Perhaps it’s time that a more localised politics took its place again. Isn’t that where it started from? Not separate from other nations, no, but at least beginning with representative of our own.
      We’ll see. I hope Pete, for all our sakes that we make the right choice. It’s pretty huge. And i don’t think your son should be denied the vote. jeez, if it was football, it would be a whole other story. 😉 x


      1. I am excited at the prospect at being at the pinnacle of something as huge as a new Scotland. I have been there at 1999 and woke in a new century and wasn’t living on moon base Alpha, I saw Hayleys comet, I was sat in front of my tv when channel four started, I was stood outside Buckingham Palace and saw Charles and Di on the balcony and the woke up at 3am from a call from friends in the states telling me that Diana died in a tunnel in Paris, Raised a son, love my wife, seen the UK go to war for an island I had never heard of, watch my son go to war for a lie and theft of oil, I watched two towers in New York fall.
        Am I going to be part of another monumental moment in history or is it going to be a damp squib and watch as hard working, dedicated men and women resign from the SNP but if what ever happens the world will still go around and I will still walk with a limp. 🙂


    1. Really, who knows? Polls reflect the opinions that are often pressed by populist media and pressured advertisement. There are arguments and counter arguments that are coloured by sides whose partisan politics leave me cold. I have no wish to see Scotland independent based on a purely separatist vote. I just don’t feel that. National animosity plays no part in my life if I can help it.
      What I do feel is that Scotland has too often voted in a particular way, representative of national political persuasion but still finds itself governed by a party alien to its essential ‘flavour’. I abhor so much of what stands for representation.
      But over the years I have come to believe that politics as we see it is affected more by lobby and corporate financial pressure. The element of philosophy and determination seem to have lost their way among the spin.
      I want a voice back. A voice that I heard tonight. Not every word my truth. But a lot of it hitting where my heart is. And although politics is not all heart but a huge measure of reason, this is the nearest I have come to feeling any fervour for any of the political arguments I have heard for years.

      How the vote will go at this moment is anyone’s guess. I so don’t want it to be for the wrong reasons. For a nationalistic fervour that sings Braveheart and dies to reason. Nor for a nationalism that smacks of fascism.
      I don’t want any -isms. Just a voice that represents the people its meant to represent.

      Sorry for such a long winded reply. I feel strongly about this. It is a big decision. And I pray that people make it for the right reasons. And that right prevails.x


      1. well said. I enjoyed reading your opinion. I have often wondered about this issue. I am glad that you wrote on it and I hope you will share the results and how you feel about them. I know I get exhausted when it is election time here, and we are getting close to the whole things starting again. Sometimes the four years seems like an eternity, and for me the past six years have seemed like sixty. All we can really do is study the issues, and vote according to what our heart says and above all, pray that God’s perfect will be done. I am certain it is an interesting time in your history now. I will be praying along with you.


      2. Thank you so much for your support. And your prayers. This is a pivotal moment in our history. Important to make the right decision soon. And then to move on to where the possibilities may take us.
        I speak harshly often of politicians. And I think they mostly deserve it. But there are obviously some, jeez the law of averages says there must be, who are in it for more than just themselves. I’m glad it’s not me. I’ll pray that they seek the best ways forward and speak from the heart, not influenced unjustly so by external factors and power bases. I’ll keep you posted.x


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