Politics Of The Tortoise

Phalanx- formed, tortoiseshell, they stride.

Enamoured by a greater cause. Roman virtue, pride.


Hidden by the shields, a clever measure.

Heads in the shells. No answers to deliver.


Sartorial senators in togas, edged by coloured code,

They voice in pillared rooms by rote; civic votes vetoed.


A charm offensive, if believed, oratory blest

With philosophy and philanthropy, supposed to do its best.


Then viper’s nest, despotic rule, heeding inbred flaws

Seek to serve the selfish first. Lost virtue, Roman cause.


Sweltered in the fiery flames, civilisation burning out.

Repetition, this our way. Results equal, have no doubt.


Where heads are buried, blinded by the bound.

Beware warrior who treads on toes. A weakness found. 


14 thoughts on “Politics Of The Tortoise”

  1. Damn politicians. I see you are in a political mood again. I published about a turtle, too, but in a much different mood than you. LOL


    1. I wasn’t to start with. Lol. I was thinking about Roman soldiers for some reason…..nope, I don’t know why….then remembered doing a history lesson with kids about the tortoise style protection the legions used. And dots began to connect. You know how it is. I’ll have to check out your turtle. 🙂 x


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