Woman’s Voice

It’s spreading out from pebble. Can you feel it?

Rippling through the waterways and seas,

Waving in the oceans. Can you hear it?

Communicated by the birds and bees.

There’s a lesson in the breeze of Mother Nature,

A stirring in the soil where life is found,

There’s a movement in the trees, in the rustling of the leaves,

A tumultuous rumbling underground.

Maternal blood is weeping for her children

And risking self to heal the open sores.

She’s crying out to corners of the universe,

Seeking now to even up the scores.

Listen to a mother when she’s bleeding

Her heart is sore but, tigress, she has teeth.

Woman’s voice. Hearken now, or perish.

United effort. Nature’s one belief.


17 thoughts on “Woman’s Voice”

      1. I’m thinking of the 30 ft tidal waves, volcanoes, earthquakes that level cities, forest fires, hurricanes, twisters. I’ve never gotten that mad. 😉


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