Happy Birthday To…..Who?

Another birthday party accomplished.

Done. But not quite dusted.

My youngest turns 7 tomorrow. But she had her party this evening. I don’t do kids’ parties at the weekends. I mean the weekend! Even if their birthday falls on it. Too much like a busman’s holiday for a teacher. And weekends are for….well, not for that.

So, that’s me I’m good until……March. Then April. Then April again.

We’ve collectively had a look at the pattern of birthdays in this house. The kids have made comments. Rude comments.

See if you can work it out.

January 14th– my birthday.

February 8th – Anna’s

March  31st – Mary-Kate’s

April 14th – Claire’s, 22nd – Joe’s

May – zip

June 14th – David’s

July – zip, but wedding anniversary

August – zip

September 6th – Rachel’s, 17th – hubby’s, 30th- Louise’s

October –zip

November – zip

December – zip, but Christmas

Yes, well, we don’t get out as often as we should.

And I won’t be out tonight because the undusted party of the birthday party is I now have three overnight guests after the rest have gone. But all good. All off playing. 🙂 Time for a glass of wine I think. 😉


I Am. We All Are.

Your human rights are less important than mine.

You’re gay.


I had Pankhurst.

I had Mandela.

I had Gandhi

And King.

Every voice

In history

Who cried

For justice.



Royalty now.

But back then,









So take the beatings

And the vitriol

While we watch

And say little.

Do nothing.

View the games

With blackened eyes

And bruises.


This your legacy.

This our pride.

To stay silent.


While waiting

For a regal voice.


I am black.

I am woman.

I am all nations.

I am gay.

We all are.

“I Don’t Support Equality”

This is Miranda, alter ego of Colleen Ballinger, introduced to me by my sixteen year old daughter, Rachel. Rachel loves Miranda and ‘forces’ me to watch her vlogs. Actually, I now find her quite amusing. And even downright funny sometimes.

For those who don’t know her, she is a comedian. And, like most comedians, can encapsulate life humorously and with more truth than argument.

Rachel miranda2 And, just for the hell of it, this is my daughter dressed as Miranda. We’ll pretend that it was for Hallowe’en. But it wasn’t. She just likes dressing up! At 16!