Happy Birthday To…..Who?

Another birthday party accomplished.

Done. But not quite dusted.

My youngest turns 7 tomorrow. But she had her party this evening. I don’t do kids’ parties at the weekends. I mean the weekend! Even if their birthday falls on it. Too much like a busman’s holiday for a teacher. And weekends are for….well, not for that.

So, that’s me I’m good until……March. Then April. Then April again.

We’ve collectively had a look at the pattern of birthdays in this house. The kids have made comments. Rude comments.

See if you can work it out.

January 14th– my birthday.

February 8th – Anna’s

March  31st – Mary-Kate’s

April 14th – Claire’s, 22nd – Joe’s

May – zip

June 14th – David’s

July – zip, but wedding anniversary

August – zip

September 6th – Rachel’s, 17th – hubby’s, 30th- Louise’s

October –zip

November – zip

December – zip, but Christmas

Yes, well, we don’t get out as often as we should.

And I won’t be out tonight because the undusted party of the birthday party is I now have three overnight guests after the rest have gone. But all good. All off playing. 🙂 Time for a glass of wine I think. 😉


23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To…..Who?”

  1. Tell her Happy Birthday from moi, my eldest granddaughter is 7, my youngest one Hayley was 5 on the first.
    April is our busiest time,

    Sister 4th
    Mother in law 6th
    Mine 11th
    Sister 24th

    2 in Jan
    3 in Feb (including my wedding anniversary)
    2 in July
    2 in Oct
    1 in Nov
    and of course Jesus birthday in December 🙂


    1. Thanks, Pete. I’ll tell her when she can drag herself away from entertaining. 😉
      Busy days for you too. There’s another thirty or so of us; nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, in-laws. Thank god we don’t buy for all now! But I don’t think there’s a month goes past where there’s not a celebration to be had one way or another. A bit wearing at times! ;)x


    1. Yeah we are the same so many but we said those just closest to us, my sisters kids I haven’t seen for about 20 years and no so much as a text so no way. Have fun tomorrow I am going shopping after the cat has been back to the vets he is a little unwell, but the vet gave him a pain killer and a antibiotic and he has perked up, shopping for an anniversary gift 🙂


  2. Nope, I put in an order….both mine born on the same day (boy & girl), two years apart. Parties were great, throw them all together on the one day and pray they didn’t kill each other. There are six of us that are all Cancerians. Lunar bodies, crazy as hatter’s, howl at the moon and I think may have been wolves at some time. Great parties though 🙂


      1. Out there types aren’t we! The moon is currently coming into it’s full time for next friday, Valentines day. Should be an interesting day/night with everyone emotionally over the top. Could get interesting…maybe I’ll get an invite from S.B. 🙂


      2. I never know what the moon is doing till I see it. But I’ll look forward to a Valentine’s full moon with interest. A full moon always sends the school kids a bit bonkers. That part I could live without. 😉 x


      1. Secondary. They thought I was past Barking and well on my way to Dagenham, as the saying goes. Or, as I put it, that I was several root vegetables short of a ratatouille! xxx


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