Far Away

Do you feel my arms around you

                                                            far away?

Need for physical contact to remember

You’re human,

A woman.

Can you feel my tears mingling with yours

                                                            far away?

Sharing your sadness and grief.

For the pain, the loss

In your life.

Do you know you are loved though

                                                            far away?

Human to human

Woman to woman

One love in life.

Close your eyes and wrap arms,

                                                            far away,

Around self and know that it’s me,

Hugging you closely, gently

And loving the humanity of you.

Know you’re loved by others still

                                                            far away

Distance merely an illusion.

Your needs are my needs.

The needs of the world.


Hugs and love from far away.


For Rene, especially. A very special lady. Fighting through pain and adversity with courage and humour.

And also for all who need the hugs. We all do.


16 thoughts on “Far Away”

    1. And hugs to you too friend. I know you cope, with the same sort of fortitude and optimism that Rene displays. And my hat goes off to you.
      I really don’t know how I would cope. I’d like to think that it would be with the same courage so many show. All I can do is send hugs and love in common humanity. Knowing that we all have that need no matter how we suffer. x


      1. I always think life isn’t finished yet and we don’t know what’s in store for any of us. I do hope I would find that strength.
        We do surprise ourselves….no doubt.
        Different things test us and we go on.
        Hugs to you and may you always have that strength. Born of a strong mind and soul. x


    1. She’s an inspiration. A woman of courage. And humour. And she swears! And keeps me going with Hugh Jackman pictures. A bit of a pimp/supplier you might say. Well, you are Rene! Feeding my habit. And loving it by the way.
      I’ll be in such trouble now, Shirley. She roars too sometimes. 🙂 x


  1. Aw Damn! …And I swear. Hell yeah.
    I am so touched and I feel so undeserving of these words. I feel there are so many out there who suffer way more than me. I am so very touched, and yeah,,,I cried too. This is going in my ‘good things people say about me’ file, as I don’t even keep a ‘bad things people say about me’, it would be too huge by now.

    I truly feel the hugs (am having a bit of the fog right now). Virtual hugs are good.

    Thanks to all the your crew for their wishes.

    Peace & Love


    1. Of course you deserve it missus!

      I don’t keep a file either for the ‘bad things people say about me’. But I’ve got a wee black book with people’s names in. Then I send out hit squads. And they never say anything again. Lol. Only kiddin’!

      I hope your meds work, Rene.

      Huge hugs to you. And lots of love.x


  2. This is most beautiful, my dear and not a surprise one bit. I feel your generous heart and your arms sort of nudged me here in Montreal by passing that lovely pub, you know which one…hugs to you for being you!! Oliana, xx


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