“Reppin for tha Nativz”

This was shared on my Facebook page. And I love it. Must have listened to it half a dozen time since. A combo of spiritual, politics, fantastic music and an amazing video.

Edited. I should have added this link. Petition to Abolish Columbus Day


11 thoughts on ““Reppin for tha Nativz””

    1. I went back in for a look and the video has disappeared from my page! Had to insert a link instead. I don’t even know if the words were English! I loved the imagery and the message. As well as the tune. 🙂 x


  1. Oh, now I get it! The second viewing I caught the eviction notice in the mailbox and it all made better sense. I still can’t make out much more than Sundance in the lyrics, but, wow. By the way, the video is still on your page when I view it.


    1. Must check. It disappeared earlier. Sometimes they stop showing on You Tube. I thought maybe that had happened. I’ll have another wee listen while I’m at it. Really feel like learning that dance if I could make it have the opposite effect here. We so need some sunshine. 😉 x


  2. Reppin for the Nativz is showing us the wrongs that happen to the Indian, the black people and the white people.Us people carry out the agenda against our brother. The only defense from the ugly power that we are all experiencing, is found only within. The distraction of stuff and fear will make one loose the Divine power that is within. The video is sayin, STAND, DO NOT YIELD.Loose the legal name which is the lynch pin to banks, legal fear porn Governments etc…..You are not the name, but the Divine light inside and none of the ugly power will touch you. Mother Universe has your back!!! One of the worst acts any human being can do other than murder, is taking ones home away from your brother and family, which is war. You aint fuckin gettin the Nativz home any more!!! Fuck you Government, cops and anyone that thinks they will carry out this rape. AWAY with YOU!!!!


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