Where Love is Made

Overcoming fears and meeting challenges. A sensual delight. Full of love.

Winding Road

I love a challenge. In fact, I have a hard time walking away from one. Anne-Marie, of scottishmomus, didn’t realize or intend to challenge me in her award acceptance post, In Awe but she did nonetheless. Perhaps because I’ve never written a sensual piece I needed to prove to myself that I could. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement Anne-Marie. xo

This might be more of a “Saturday night special” than a Monday morning read but since Valentine’s Day is this week, I figured we might as well get our engines warmed up. Enjoy…my cheeks are turning red as get closer to hitting “publish”but I am remembering that this year is about overcoming fears!

Mom~stop reading now! 🙂


Where Love is Made

Is it in that very first moment when you meet, all chaos swirls still and you “just know”?

Or is it during that first playful…

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