Mermaids’ Madrigal

Mermaids' Madrigal Photo courtesy of Mark

Mermaid choir

With madrigal tale

Breaths of childish delight,

Fostering the rearing,

Enlivening the song.

Children of the sea,


Chorus to shore,


Our freedom.

Your resolute


May never mock.’

In their wake

Grains scatter,

Seeking to follow.

Falling still.


Not All Is A Memory

Not All Is A Memory Photo courtesy of Mark


We bathed here

Clothes thrown to boughs

Skinny dipping in the dark

Skin touching undercover of ripples

Calm surface wakened by our arousal

Stretching in the sand

Giggling in the moonlight

Those were the days then

When cares were only for years to come

And eyes sought the others in black holes of midnight

Peaks outlined by starry skies

We loved then freely and with energy that age envies

We love still

Not all is a memory

RUSSIA …. before, during and beyond SOCHI!!

“Who Gives A Shit?”

It Is What It Is


~~February 10, 2014~~ 

This post is written to expose, once again, the current situation that the LGBT community is Russia is experiencing.

At this point it has gone beyond the Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014. To write about boycotting the games is a moot point. Once the games are finished, this topic will go the way of others that have lost front headlines because new topics have developed.

Yet the LGBT community in Russia will continue to be persecuted, humiliated, abuse, entrapped, beaten, discriminated against and even be killed.


Lesbiangaybisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people’s rights in Russia face legal and social challenges as well as discrimination not experienced by non-LGBT people. Although same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults in private was decriminalized in 1993, there are currently no laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, and households headed by…

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Wish I’d written this. But mine would have a pic of the Houses of Parliament. strong words. Universal.

Poesy plus Polemics

United States Capitol Building Photo from United States Capitol Building
Photo from

political speech stains the majesty
gracing our parchments
of self-charted destiny
its narcissist pitch creates cracks
in the marbled and columned
rotunda surmounting
preserved revolution
where statues of founders
quake unto their crumbling
at witnessing man’s
most enlightened creation
despoiled and reduced to
a circus of unbridled hubris
a whorehouse where
mad rutting egos can inbreed
like vermin who scavenge
the carcass of state

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In River Styx, life stories slow at last,

Pregnant with the words of all those passed.

But voices from the water linger still;

Breath of gentle murmurings without will.

On bridge there stands a maiden all too fair,

Reposed in form though heart beats such a dare;

To heed the whispers floating to her ears,

So plunge to depth, negate the wasted years.

To ponder life below the surface seen

And drift in currents never more to preen

For suitors; such a futile, thankless task

When one departed never more may ask

To share her life- if only once again

To recreate the timing – then no pain.

Give ear to river calling out one name,

Rejoin lost love, extinguish all past shame.

In dulcet tones, from once upon a dance,

One soulful voice requests one more and final chance;

To purge the crime, the ending of it all.

“Reunite , fair maiden, hear my call.”