In River Styx, life stories slow at last,

Pregnant with the words of all those passed.

But voices from the water linger still;

Breath of gentle murmurings without will.

On bridge there stands a maiden all too fair,

Reposed in form though heart beats such a dare;

To heed the whispers floating to her ears,

So plunge to depth, negate the wasted years.

To ponder life below the surface seen

And drift in currents never more to preen

For suitors; such a futile, thankless task

When one departed never more may ask

To share her life- if only once again

To recreate the timing – then no pain.

Give ear to river calling out one name,

Rejoin lost love, extinguish all past shame.

In dulcet tones, from once upon a dance,

One soulful voice requests one more and final chance;

To purge the crime, the ending of it all.

“Reunite , fair maiden, hear my call.”

14 thoughts on “Reunite”

  1. Very good! That’s another keeper! Speaking of Ferrymen, rivers and bridges, I hear the poor English are going to need some Ferrymen if it keeps raining? And probably an Ark or two! Tell them to send us some back this way, shackled to a boat, we won’t care, as long as it rains! 🙂


    1. It’s awful. They are having such a dreadful time of it. We’re getting drenched here too but nothing like parts of England. I wish it was that easy to send some. Especially if we could get some sunshine in exchange for it. Ready for Spring to roll on on here. 😉 x


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