In Other Words

Bring no roses

Send no card

No words for

One mere day…..


Light candles,

Cast petals,

Pour bubbles

To filling,

Fill glasses

Of ruby,


Show willing.



So  heated,

Eyes closing

To scene,

Search lightly,

Touch softly,

You know what

This means.


Ease tension,

Relax some,



Sip, savour

Taste trodden,

Bask, sample,

Let’s duel.


Now pat some

To dry off,


With the oil,

Touch there, please

And there, yes!

That’s how

To spoil.


Now your turn,

Turn over,

Lay flat

On your face,


With purpose,

Now deepening

The pace.


Turn round now

Beside me,

Lean closer,

That’s right.

So eyes meet,


A wondrous



You’re glistening

With unguents

And I’m shining


Now nibble on


First one,

Maybe two.


Share kisses

So sweetened

By fruit

And the vine,

Taste my tongue

And savour


So divine.


Together now,


Let’s build

The desire

With tumbles

Of touches,


The fire


Hands roaming,

So tenderly,

It tickles

Like hell,

I giggle,

Can’t help it.

You know me

So well.


Now kisses

Are burning,

There’s fever


Teeth nip

With pleasure

No acid,

This fruit.


It’s gorgeous,

So fulsome

And bursting

With juice,

Come, lover,

Let’s get on,

We must 

Call a truce


To teasing

No further,

We need to


The wonders

Of loving,

Let’s give

Some more.


You take me,

I take you,

We give,

We receive

Now, let’s speak,

‘I love you’.

These words,

I believe.


41 thoughts on “In Other Words”

  1. “I’ll have what SHE’S having!” – When Harry Met Sally, a very appropriate quote for this post. Ooh la la!


    1. Quite right, Rene….all this talk of Valentine’s…it’s enough to make you fan yourself…or something. 😉
      Thanks for the reblog.
      Back to politics now? Emmmm, maybe not quite yet. 🙂 x


      1. Well, I was thinking this morning (no jokes) and I can only recall one (1, uno, a single) good Valentine’s Day, and it wasn’t from when I was married, either time. Hey, when a kid in kindergarten knocks you off your chair, tackles you on the ground for a damn kiss, and the whole class laughs at you, for your first Valentine’s Day, you gotta’ know they are all going to be shit from then on. True story.


      1. lol. Your so funny momus, I can just imagine your book selling in the shop with one of those clip on fans instead of a light! Or maybe a two in one, now there’s a selling point for you 🙂


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