Measure Of The Man

Oasis in my desert

Water in my pool

Heat when I am frozen

Calm to keep me cool

Food to all my hunger

Water to my thirst

Supplying all the needs I have

Justice to my just

Wind and waves that crash to shore

Powering my turbine

Giving all you have to me

Guess that makes you mine

Friend in all my wilderness

Calm to windswept wild

Man to all my woman

Parent to my child

Needs all understanding

Friend to all who greet

Measure of the man in you

Strength with love so sweet


17 thoughts on “Measure Of The Man”

      1. Och, it will. It always does. Sometimes we just need a break away from it. How about photo prompts? Mark at has posted a number of photos in a gallery, all from Australia. Beautiful. He lets me use them as inspiration. I’m sure he would be more than happy for anyone else to dip in. Even leave a wee comment in the gallery just to double-check but I’m pretty sure he’d be fine with it. There are a number of ‘themes’ so you might just go, ‘Yes, that’s the one!’ Hope you’re well otherwise. Personally, I can’t wait for Spring to spring. I hate the winter. Take care. 🙂 x


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