Things that suck about living with ‘children’

Right, I preface this with the fact that I know I’ve not been the most observant of housekeepers lately.

I work full time.

I have school work to do.

I do homework with my kids.

I write.

I blog.

Sometimes I even socialise.

I don’t watch TV.

And housework bores the arse off me. So I’m not in every room all the time.

I keep the place relatively clean. You know, so there are no creepy crawlies and things living on things. I clean the bathrooms. I skite round the cooker. I make sure the fridge and freezer are cleaned every so often. Change the bedding. Do the shopping. You know, crap like that.

Hubby sees to the washing. I hate the washing.

And the ironing.

OK I hate lots of it.

26 years of it has seen me realise that a little dust is good for you.

And there comes a time when certain age groups are capable of fending for themselves. So I don’t touch their rooms. I look in and groan now and again. But I don’t clean them for them.

Now what we have here is that some people have an innate desire to live in a clean and comfortable environment and I’m delighted to say that, with the exception of one of them, that’s quite true as far as their rooms go. It would be two but she moved into a flat. God help the flat mates. No, I believe she is learning.

What this post is about isn’t keeping things clean and reasonably tidy.

It’s about the fact that there’s no light bulb in the living room, some sod has taken the play station from there and moved a small bookcase into it for good measure. Not for books! Just to put things in/on. Pinched from a wee corner I had created for printer and crap. And one of them has taken my lovely white bedding from the cupboard and put it on their bed. Why? I don’t feckin’ know why. It doesn’t even fit their bed. Small double, king size bedding. WTF!

There comes a time when children obviously think they’re living in a flat rather than at home. And they’re making decisions that don’t suit me! But their rooms are lovely!

I organise things and buy shit so that every room has what it needs. At least, I think so.

But, nowadays, people – that would be the grown up kids – see something they need or like and just move it into their room.

But they don’t think to tell me that there’s no light bulbs left! Or that they wanted to take the play station for watching dvds. That’s why it was in the living-room in the first place. Serves two purposes. DVD player and games console.

And it’s not like they don’t have their own stuff.

I’m pissed off at them tonight.

I wanted to watch a movie that my sister lent me. Got myself all organised in a candlelit room. Hubby was already there watching TV in the gloaming. Went to put on the light so’s I could read the blurb on the cover. No light. No feckin’ bulb. And hubby says, ‘Oh yeah, one of their lights went out so they took it from here.’ Not just one. Every feckin’ lamp in the living room. So candle light it was. I read the blurb in the hall. And asked hubby to put the movie on. ‘Ummm, on what?’

On what! No play station. So no DVD player.

It might seem like nothing I know. And in the big scheme of things it’s less than nothing. But I don’t often take the notion of watching a film and I thought it would be nice to cosy up with hubby and watch a rom-com.

So, I’m back upstairs in my office. No sheets on my bed ‘cos the others aren’t dry yet. And one of my boyos is sitting in splendour with my bedding and my bulb.

Feck knows who’s got the other play station.

I’m in a huff. And I don’t want to see a movie now.

And they have the cheek to say they’d like a lock on their door so’s no one takes anything from their room!

42 thoughts on “Things that suck about living with ‘children’”

  1. Oh momus, they are testing little sod’s aren’t they. But you love them (sometimes). I sold my two. Yep, you heard right. Got their boyfriend/girlfriend respectively, slipped them $50 bucks and said take em’, they’re yours! Haven’t heard from them since. Oh, the occasional grandchild bobs up but by and large, silence is golden 🙂
    Ok, I’m kidding…sort of. I didn’t slip them $50 bucks…they forced me out of $10,000 cash and a down payment on a house 🙂 Ok, it was worth it….I think! 🙂
    Ok, I’m still kidding…sort of again. Apparently, in this day and age, you are not allowed to sell them…FOR ANYTHING…not even the latest X-box…or you go to jail….and I mean not like Monopoly jail where you get out after 3 turns and you have to pay $20 (cheap buggers), but they actually get really funny and want to actually jail you for a very long time. The world is going to pot. Oh, NOW don’t get me started on that subject! 🙂


    1. Jail, you say. Do you think if I asked for solitary confinement they’d let me have it?….. I can never work out why that’s a punishment.
      I’m fine now. I only ever get pissed off in short bursts. But I’ll be after them tomorrow. Time for another get together to reassert some rules I think. It’s the bloody cheek of them at times. Now if I could just lay my hands on a down payment for……feck, too many houses! Maybe just the one for me!
      I know it’s nothing really. But funny how you get a nice wee idea in your head and it’s thwarted by others. Unwittingly. But I think that’s what bugs. They just don’t think sometimes. I might even have a search in their rooms tomorrow and find out what else they’ve snaffled without my knowledge. 😉 x


      1. Ooh momus, that could be very dangerous. That’s when you find things you DON’T want to know about. Cigarette packs, condoms, home made bongs, even a letter or two from THEIR teacher asking for an interview with a parent 🙂 lol, all of that brings back so many memories. All I can say is…breeeeeathe! And put it off till tomorrow, or next week, so much safer 🙂


      2. Now I don’t know whether to go in and look or just stay out and live in ignorance. Hmmm! I’ll think on it. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? That’s what they say. 😉 x


  2. It sounds like you’ve got teenagers! I don’t have kids (well, not yet anyways), but I remember being a teenager. And I ended up with a lot of stuff that wasn’t mine…like half of my older brother’s clothes (his t-shirts were way more comfortable. What is up with girls clothes being so darned itchy? If you can’t tell, I was a complete tomboy during my teen years…and a fashion disaster. 🙂 ), and most of my mom’s books…I didn’t take off with the DVD player though. And I did actually change the light bulbs.

    Sorry to say, I have been guilty of the same things. Hopefully, your kids will go through that phase quickly.


    1. The 24 year old and 20 year old are out in flats now. But I’ve still got a 23, 18, 16, 12 and 6 year old so a while yet I think before I can say goodbye to the phase. I think once they’re in their own places they catch on to the basics that they took for granted. You should hear the two who are out now about turning off lights and emptying bins! They finally get it! 🙂 x


      1. I feel your pain, SS. I have a 14 year old. And I am the housekeeper, the cook, the driver, the cleaner…Basically, slave. Waiting for the day that she gets what’s taking care of house is all about!


      2. It’s easy for kids to take everything for-granted when they are still in the house. Since I moved out and got married at 22, I certainly appreciate all of those things my mom and dad did for me when I was younger. I never realized how much work it was to clean out the fridge and freezer until I had to do everything on my own. Then I realized that my mom really did a lot of cleaning. At least my husband does the dusting pretty often, which is one of those chores I really don’t like doing.


    1. Grrrrr, right enough. 🙂 I didn’t realise I had any stuff left that was just mine. Well, apart from my laptop and my books! They daren’t touch those without asking. 😉 x


  3. My thoughts and condolences firstly to SE Bailey.
    I know your pain, daughter late twenties still here and her b/f. As we are contemplating moving..eventually, Mr. S and I decided we would then move in with them, pay no rent, eat their food, use their gas, water, electricity, watch you tube all day, laugh at anything and everything we watch, pinch their towels, bedding, be precious about job searching … And see their reactions, drink up girl, the next rounds on me 🙂 x


    1. Oh, I’ve threatened them with too. They’ve said they’ll just leave no forwarding address. Could be a win-win situation. 😉 Nah, I’d miss them. Wee sods. That’s where they get you every time. 🙂 x


  4. oh, been there, done that… felt like that too! Could get me riled up with memories in reading this too! So, great writing! I can remember sending out a group e-mail to my family demanding what I wanted to happen. I was so mad I couldn’t talk! I did that a couple times. I now have found out that I have a ‘look’ that says get it together… I guess I glower and then my voice gets really quiet and I guess when that happens, people move… I just laughed and wished I had known that 15 years ago… Good luck, you will miss them when you have all your things exactly where you want them, that your couch no longer holds trash shoved into the cushions (like paper and wrappers), that your bathrooms stay clean and their rooms turn into guest rooms…. even the dog is neat these days… Loved this post. Will be thinking of you.


  5. I say take the hinges off their doors. remove the doors and tell them you need them for a printer table thingee, a PlayStation thingee and for stacking sheets. Oh, and pull the fuses to their part of the house until they come up with the cash for light bulbs.

    Go all Oliver Twist on their arses! LOL!
    Quoting Mr. Bagnet in “Bleak House” ; “Discipline must be maintained….”



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