Eric Fears Blind Willie McTell

I’ve never done this before. And I did it wrongly on the first take.

I put my I-Pod on shuffle and wrote down the first three songs that played.

So I had:-

Just Like A Woman    Bob Dylan

Well, I do! ‘Cos I am!

Nice Guys Finish Last   Cobra Starships

Whole other post!

Chelsea Dagger   The Fratellis

Aren’t they great?

But, apparently, that’s the wrong way to do it. So I followed the instructions on

I asked the three questions individually and pressed shuffle after each question. Feels a bit voodoo-ish. I know it’s not a word. But I quite like made up words.

So, new shuffle mix with comments.

I feel like……?     Wonderful Tonight. Eric Clapton

I do as it happens. I have some work to do relating to education but I’ve just enjoyed a lovely bath with sandalwood and jasmine oils and I feel quite wonderful and mellow. So quite apt. Apart from the bit of work I’ve still to do. 😉 This song, however, causes some annoyance and hilarity. Whenever we’re going out and I’m all ‘dressed up’ my hubby says I look nice. Nice, for feck’s sake! I’ve told him that Eric Clapton would never have had a hit with this number if he’d sung, ‘My darling, you like nice tonight’. There’s just no implanting poetry in some people’s souls. 😉

I want to…..?  The Fear. Travis

Well, this meant nothing to me. I didn’t listen to the songs when I shuffled them. Just asked the questions and pressed shuffle. I know Eric Clapton’s so well I could sing it to you. Much as I like Travis I couldn’t think what this one was about. So, I’m listening now. Hold on………..

Nope, sorry. I like it well enough but obviously not one of the reasons I bought the album in the first place.

I need to…..?  Blind Willie McTell.   Bob Dylan

Now pretty much it doesn’t matter which of BD’s song it plays. I love them all. This is a poet. And poetry set to music takes everything to a whole other level.

Until I met my husband I only knew a few of Dylan’s songs and some of those were covers. Once I listened to him I was blown away. He might be a love/hate sort of artist for many. I love him. Although, I’ll never sing ‘Forever Young’ at anyone’s wedding again. 😦

Really, gorgeous song but not when the marriage in question ends in divorce. Splat! Not so forever anything really.

And this reminds me then that my ‘more senior’ husband has introduced me to aspects of life I was oblivious to prior to meeting him. Twenty-six years of marriage later (well, 34 years if we count the ‘getting to know you’ phase and the ‘doing your own thing’ phase ) I like to think that maybe I’ve introduced him to some aspects of life that he enjoys. I’ve just asked him and, apparently, the answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!’ So I’m good with that.

Now he might just be saying that ‘cos I smell of sandalwood and jasmine. But, you know what? ‘I feel wonderful tonight’.

Apart from the sodding school work I’ve still to do.  😉

And my comments might have been a whole other realm of interesting if I’d gone with my original selection. Just sayin’ 🙂

P.S. No work now. It’s taken me feckin’ ages to to do this and search the songs and embed them. And if anyone can tell me how to embed videos that don’t come from You Tube I’d be grateful ‘cos I’m constantly making an arse of trying to embed videos into comments and upload video readings onto WP without posting first to Facebook. All advice welcome. If it works.

Btw, thanks, (I think) to Suzie for posting this link. It actually was quite fun. Music always is. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better, Suzie. Let music work its magic. 🙂 x


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  1. Thanks for playing. Good answers and nice looking blog – very familiar ;). Oh and please don’t blind willie mctell. He wouldn’t like it and you might get arrested haha


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