Mothers’ Eyes

Reposes she

With cheeks and brow so fair

Image framed

By skeins of flaxen hair

Puckered lips

Forming glowing pout

Recumbent God

Seen without one doubt


Lashes flutter

In dreams of golden flight

Tucked into bed

Safe love secures her night

No demons here

No haunted childhood psyche

A child at rest

All should have her like


Portraits of injured innocence

Suffuse my working hours

Souls may keen

At battles without power

A helping hand

From those who know the just

Love them all

As adults we most surely must



A little one

Though worldly without wise

Compassion demands

We see all through mothers’ eyes.


10 thoughts on “Mothers’ Eyes”

    1. If we’re lucky the child within has happy memories to go with any unhappy ones. How sad some of their lives are. The future looks bleak for so many who carry such devastation in their current young lives. heartbreaking to hear. x


    1. Not a pleasant week with some of the stuff I’ve been privy to, Brenda. Hug those little ones of yours and hope that their love permeates the future and helps to heal those who have done without in their formative years. Some are entirely without it. Completely heartbreaking. Sometimes I wish I didn’t teach. But ignorance wouldn’t make it go away. x


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