You Don’t Eat GMO… Think Again!

You are what you eat?

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GMO fact of the day 193 lbsOn average, Americans consume more than their weight in GMOs each year – 193 pounds of GMOs per person.  Not to mention the ROUNDUP HERBICIDE sprayed on and absorbed into it, or the Bt TOXINS inside the corn & cotton (seed oil)…   

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Do you really know what GMO is all about? If not, I have developed the following video to provide a simple introduction to GMO for you. After viewing the video, I hope you want to know more.  If so, I have many posts here on my blog about GMOs.

Enjoy the video and get involved in protecting ourselves and our food supply!

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6 thoughts on “You Don’t Eat GMO… Think Again!”

  1. Did you know that Kellogs cornflakes were made to hopefully stop mental patients masturbating when Dr Kellogs ran the local mental hospital!!!! So the story goes 🙂


    1. See you! I looked that up! And it’s true by the looks of it. At least certain parts. I started reading the Wicki stuff on him nodding in agreement with some bits then going WTF! Strange wee man. Maybe just a product of his times right enough. Interesting though. Must carry out a survey of those who eat Kellogg’s cornflakes and see if it prevents inclinations to masturbation. Wonder if anyone will answer truthfully. Hmmm….;) x


      1. HAHAHAHA cannot believe that you didn’t believe me, yes its a strange world we live in. Mind you if it was a choice between corn flakes or boxing gloves I would take the corn flakes at least it would give me energy lol 🙂


      2. Yeah. But I read some of the things they did to young boys and girls to prevent them ‘indulging’. Horrific. can feel a post coming on. 😉
        Think I should maybe just call it ‘Wankers’. Or might some people think I’m talking politics again? 🙂 x


      3. Yes they certainly didn’t treat children right. I was talking to someone the other day and we were talking about left and right handed people and my sister a leftie and in school had her left arm strapped to her body to make her write with her right hand that was in the 60’s and early 70’s.


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