Breaths Of Air

Sirocco stirring

Sands of time,

Diablo melting


Mistral chilling,

Vaping life,

Winds of fame

That blind.


Give me winds

That sweep from sea

Or rush

Down mountain pass,

That charge, invigorate,

Clear all inside,

Billow through,



Or gentle breeze,

A breath so fine,

Whispering through my


Gentle caress

Of tenderness

From lips that

Breathe your air.


14 thoughts on “Breaths Of Air”

    1. Thank you. So much.
      I’ve been on a political rant for a couple of days. I always need a wee romantic fix afterwards. 😉
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂 x


    1. Thank you, Richard. I’m glad it had that effect. I like to imagine myself by the ocean or the mountains sometimes. I can feel them too just by closing my eyes and remembering. x


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