I Tried To Cheat…..

…..but I’m not very good at it…..because here I am telling you anyway.

I did this wee music challenge the other week and quite enjoyed it. The idea is that you put your I-Pod onto shuffle and ask a specific question then press play. And answer the question based on the song selected.

Well, when I did it tonight the first song selected was as outlined below but I thought, ‘That’s not one of my songs. That’s something my daughter put on the I-Pod when I first got it’. I listened to it anyway and noted my first thoughts… then I thought I’d try for another. After all, it wasn’t one of mine. And…. Yup, another of my daughter’s selections.

But I listened to that too.

And the odd thing was that, to me, they both said the same thing.

Now maybe that’s not so odd. After all, if that’s the frame of mind I’m in then I’m going to hear what I feel. Right?

Except there are hundreds of songs on my I-Pod. Why two that speak to me in the same way? So I deliberately ‘cheated’ for the next two questions.

And yup. It does seem that how you feel reflects what you pick.

1st question

How was your day?

Taylor Swift, ‘The Outside’

Excerpts, ‘Road Less Travelled… ‘trying to be better …nobody lets me in…outside looking in… lonely places … not the best view… lot of lonely places’.

But not one of mine.

‘Hello, Hello’, SR-71… ‘loneliness doesn’t make a sound so I head back underground… pictures from the man you used to know… age can change a man… confused but now I understand’.

Again, not one of mine but strange they both spoke of the same thing.

What do you want to achieve this week?

‘Take On Me’, A-Ha.Youthful memories. Where have you been? What have you done? Where do you want to go? 1st selection to the second question.

‘Time of your Life’, Greenday. ‘…time grabs you and directs you… something unpredictable…’

Again, both reflective for me.

Do you enjoy your job?

‘The Invisible Man’, Queen. 1st selection. Non of us are invisible. Except sometimes.

Had a wee natter this morning with the janitor in the school I was in this week. She was telling me, that in these new schools, she can pretty much tell where everyone is, when they logged in, left the building, etc. But she has no control over the heating in the school because that’s centralised. It’s also a biomass boiler, taking wood chips, which means she has to ‘gear up’ with safety equipment because of the danger involved in inhaling ash. Now the council is looking at renewable energy. Which I was telling her was a coincidence because one of the things I’d been waiting for someone to speak about re the upcoming vote for Scottish Independence was someone recognising and stating that the Scottish climate lent itself to being  self-sufficient in renewable energy production. And the other week I listened to someone speak on that. Among other things.

One of the other things the janitor will not have control of is the CCTV as it is to be transferred to a central office with accompanying speaker facility warning people off who might loiter around the school.

Now, I found this a pity because, apart from the fact that big brother is indeed watching I recollected something. Before hubby and I were married there was the odd occasion, well quite a few if I’m honest, when we used to go into the local school grounds and…..sing to each other across the school yard. True story. Imagine if there had been video and speaker facility then, eh? 😉

And all this conversation from the fact that the janitor came into my class to raise the electronic window shutters. How times move on.

‘Holiday’, Boys Like Girls. 2nd choice.  ‘No one could own me… run far away… need to take a holiday… gotta find a new place…maybe it’s a fall from grace… a new chase… run away… maybe some day I’ll be back’.

So, my mood? A bit reflective these last few weeks. Not depressed. Not sad exactly. But a bit pensive and…wondering, maybe?