Closet Companions.

Now my gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous, daughter came to visit tonight with her equally gorgeous girlfriend. Yeah, gay. The two of them. Just as well I suppose. It would be really awkward if only one of them were.


I mean, can you imagine?

That would be like kissing some guy you didn’t fancy. Or sleeping with some bloke just because he’s a bloke.

Whereas, they’re in love. And it’s obvious. And it’s lovely to see. The two of them head over heels. Ain’t love amazing?

Except when you’re hiding in a closet.

If you’re forced to hide in that closet.

contemporary-closet All paired off. According to anal retention.

‘Cos there are big scary bastards out there.

Like tigers with elongated canines that want to plough through your flesh.


Or bears with razor claws that might rip you to pieces.

bear claws

Or gigantic pterodactyls whose only aim in life is to spy prey and zone in for the kill.


Or people.


Yeah, people. Most dangerous predators known. Prey usually consisting of anything or anyone that is perceived to be, ‘unusual, distinct, misunderstood, you-name-it-we’ll-find-a-name-for-it’.

Yeah. So, love. It’s a bugger, isn’t it? Just never can tell where it’s going to hit.

That wee bastard, Eros, has a sin to answer for. If only he would point his wee darts at all the appropriate people.


Just think of it.

No more mismatched unions.

Woman gets to be with ‘Mr. Rich Pants with a fabulous sense of humour who also happens to give great oral and knows where all the tickly bits are and understands endlessly why the time of the month just makes you crazy.’

hugh jackmanWhat?!

And man gets a woman with great bazongas and who just loves to swallow. And knows that man-flu is actually a completely whole other type of flu than the usual kind plaguing other mere mortals of the opposite sex.

wanton venus yep. Sorry, guys. Yours is a comic book. ‘Cos, well it just is. Do you know a woman who really likes swallowing? I don’t know one. And I’ve asked.

Yep. The ideal world.

That would be where exactly? And how much is the ticket? And is it cheaper one way? ‘Cos why would we not want to live there?


And in that world there would be no war or pestilence.


We would all look great until we died at 640.

(No image possible!)

Grey hair would be something that only Afghan hounds sported.

afghan hound

Wrinkles would be something that tortoises proudly presented as an unusual manifestation of age.

wrinkly tortoise

People would be paid a fair wage for a fair day’s work.

fair day's work

There would be no hunger or poverty.

hunger and poverty

All religions would recognise the one God and accept that there were different ways of travelling.

one god

There would be no need for politicians.

OK, scratch that one. I’m not sure what world that would be. ‘Cos bacteria seems to exist everywhere.


But you get my drift, surely?

Love is just beautiful when evidenced.

Now I could just have reblogged Rene’s post here. But I thought, nah! I have two gay children. One of each. I know these kids. They are mine. I get who they are. They are mine. And no one is keeping them from knowing love. Not on my watch.

Sometimes it takes many pictures to tell the story. I only need one. The first one I showed. How many does anyone need? Love is love.

44 thoughts on “Closet Companions.”

  1. I agree completely, and you sound totally lovely. The perfect mom. Your kids are lucky and so are you, Sister of my Heart! Oh no, I think that pterodactyl is coming for me!!


    1. Far from perfect. Far,far from perfect. Take my word for it. But, there are some things in life that make me crazy. And one of them is the inability of some to walk in other people’s shoes. We all need love. And to experience it. I can’t fathom insularity to the degree that ostracizes people from common experience and human rights. And I can be something of an island when it comes to the world. 😉 x


      1. Did I say perfect? Surely not. Perfect is oppressive and demanding and anxiety producing. I said lovely. Ah, I see I went on and spoiled it by saying perfect after all, but I didn’t mean you were perfect, just that you were the perfect mom, loving, embracing, letting your children shine.


      2. I’ll take that one! It’s all we want surely? Children who are capable of loving and being loved. Because we’ve, hopefully, shown them how. Not a huge ask in the big scheme of things. And yet humungous it seems. 😉 x


      3. You make perfect sense to me. Increase love not hate, and maybe the world has a chance to survive. And maybe our children have a chance to be happy.


      4. Anne-Marie, I forgot to keep reading. You distracted me thoroughly. You, an island? Hmm. Nope. I’m not going for it. You may have some reserve, but you’re plenty connected to the masses. You’re a teacher, a mom, a blogger, you read, you care. Maybe I misunderstood your point, and I’m definitely overtired, but… no, I’m still not going for it.


      5. Seriously, I’m quite anti-social! When I’m not teaching and working and all that other stuff you said. 🙂 My idea of a slice of heaven is solitary confinement. I never get why that’s deemed a punishment.
        I did read right enough that people like that, well, like me, just need to time to commune with their own thoughts. A lot. And it just looks as if they’re anti-social. Is that better? 🙂 x


      6. You just want what you don’t have. If you were completely alone for a week, no blogging, no teaching, no food shopping, no shoe shopping, no TV, no computer, no newspaper, no hugs, no jokes…. Is that sounding good to you? 4 or 5 hours uninterrupted time to do whatever you want, now is that what you’re looking for?

        You’re introverted and need regular alone time? Hey, that’s me!! Sister. 🙂


      7. Where can I book that trip?! 🙂
        Yup, when I don’t get that time I get a bit weird. And this last while back there’s been a distinct shortage of only me time. 😉
        We really need to get together, Brenda. Alone. In two corners of a room! And commune. 🙂 x


      8. Isn’t that what we’re doing? LOL My kids are in bed, and my hubby is glued to his computer. My purple toe is elevated and has nicely stopped throbbing, and I’m still connected. I love it! But I had some alone time today. I need it, too. Schedule some in there. You’re in charge of that, too. As if you didn’t have enough jobs.


      9. You’re right! The house is completely still now. Even doggy has gone to sleep. I should be too. It’s after 3 a.m here! But it’s lovely. Peaceful. Wonderful. 🙂 x


      10. LOL You know just what you need. 🙂 I need sleep. Winging my way up that way now. Hobbling, I should say. Chatting has been lovely, my friend.


  2. Though the world is a hateful place, I’m so thankful your kids can be themselves at home. Every family should be that way. It just makes you want to go out and get ahold of the meanies, doesn’t it? I guess that’s a bit of the wrong message if we’re preaching love – but it would feel good to jerk a knot in their tails. Lovely picture of a precious girl with a wonderful mother.


    1. They’re both very up front about who they are, daughter and son. And I’m so glad they can be. I would hate for them to be hiding inside themselves. Everyone has just taken it in their stride it would seem. Friends and family. I daresay they’ve had their moments to deal with. My daughter has recounted a few episodes where guys just don’t get the message. Almost as if she doesn’t look as if she should be gay. 😉 She has a great nature thank god. And so too does my son. Must have been given a sense of humour to deal with any possible flak. 😉
      I love them to pieces as any mother would.
      And it’s made my other kids very aware of human rights. They’ve had some flak to deal with from less mature minds. And deal with it very well. My 12 year old recounted an episode recently that almost had me in tears. Not for the severity of what was said. But for how she dealt with it. Amazing how love challenges and supports. truly awesome.
      Thank you for reading and your comments. x


  3. It is a great thing when your child finds true love, crashing cymbals and waves pounding the shore. Sexual orientation should never be an issue. Too bad some people think otherwise. Congratulations, Momus.


  4. love this post, and love that you love them as they are, so many mammas out there destroying their babes because they’re gay. and yes your daughter is bloody gorgeous!


    1. I just don’t get how a mum’s love would be conditional on anything. I’m happy for them to be who they are. And they must have had their struggles before telling me a number of years ago. I’m just so glad they felt they could without fear. Love them all to bits. 🙂 They’re even more gorgeous inside if you can believe! 🙂 x


  5. Wonderful, Anne-Marie; jolly well said. Love is love – and there isn’t enough of it in the world. We should celebrate it when it is genuine, mutual and wonderful and stop bothering about gender! xxx


  6. Bless you, Anne-Marie, for passing along God’s love to ALL your children. He created us all and thankfully you see them through His eyes, as you were meant to do, as the rest of us are also meant to do.


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