All Our Children


My news is filtered these days,

By choice.

I cannot hear it, listen directly,

My voice

Would be choked and broken by

Tears of despair,

So I receive it, relayed

From I know who, I know where.

Identical moments of difference


Once felt and imbued,

Knows all life is cheated

When mongers of evil

Grasp the horns of their ask

And wickedly skip

To fulfil their grim task.

Drowned in a flood of heartbreaking stories,

Portrayed by some media


They glory

In visuals and depictions of hell

I have seen,

Can’t watch it, can’t listen.

I know what they mean.

One story, one picture

Is all that I need,

Imagination and empathy

The rest provides and will feed

The words that I hear

In my head to shout forth,

‘Is that all that matters?

Is this our real worth?

As humans, as beings,

As souls here for a…

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Tears Are Not Enough

Every cell in my body wants to resist this image. To not publish. To never have seen it. To believe it is not possible. I promised a fellow blogger far away that I would help in words and images. And tears are not enough so I must.

slaughter of innocents

In the name

Of the fathers

And mothers,

Of everything

That has ever been

Held holy

To Man,

Is this ever acceptable?


Can there be


Anything at all

That justifies


Any god

By name

Or nationality

Will question

Any human

By nature

Who accepts



Our tears

Are not enough.