All Our Children


My news is filtered these days,

By choice.

I cannot hear it, listen directly,

My voice

Would be choked and broken by

Tears of despair,

So I receive it, relayed

From I know who, I know where.

Identical moments of difference


Once felt and imbued,

Knows all life is cheated

When mongers of evil

Grasp the horns of their ask

And wickedly skip

To fulfil their grim task.

Drowned in a flood of heartbreaking stories,

Portrayed by some media


They glory

In visuals and depictions of hell

I have seen,

Can’t watch it, can’t listen.

I know what they mean.

One story, one picture

Is all that I need,

Imagination and empathy

The rest provides and will feed

The words that I hear

In my head to shout forth,

‘Is that all that matters?

Is this our real worth?

As humans, as beings,

As souls here for a…

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26 thoughts on “All Our Children”

  1. What happened to your your post you put up about Syria this morning I went to read it over again but I got a message saying that it had been removed. Did the WP Nazis get you also?


  2. I’m still reeling from yesterday’s post and am glad you re-posted this poem. The reality of acts like this convince me to work harder for the things that matter. So thank you for bringing this re-commitment home.


    1. Thank you. Me too. It fairly puts things in perspective. I so did not want to post that image yesterday. So awful. But I can’t ignore it. It would be like shutting my eyes to it. It could be any of our children. They are all our children. It cuts me up to think of how awful we can be as a species. To the very ones who should be able to trust us with their lives.
      I know how difficult it was to see that picture. I couldn’t even leave comments open.
      I am so glad if anything I contribute makes one spot of difference. Thank you so much for reading yesterday given how painful it is. But we have to acknowledge in some way.
      I am completely with you on commitment to trying to make a difference.
      Thank you once again.x


    1. Oh, I can’t do anything with my phone re blogging. My phone’s garbage. It possibly was because you tried on that. The post is still there.
      Thank you for reading and viewing it even once, Pete, let alone going back in again. It is such a heart rending image to face. But face it we must.x


      1. The sad thing is not just the amount of children that are wounded and dieing but if that country had oil it would have been over by now and an interim government in power. The west know what is happening, they know that most of the rebels are terroist back muslim fighters and they get westen soliders to kill them in Iraq and Afghanistan but the west funds the same people in Syria. Go figure that one. I just wish sometimes I could stop the world and get off and sit on an empty planet somewhere just me and my mp3 player just for a few hours. Did you read my rant on my blog about the £900 winter electric bill I got in today? Don’t think I could type a smiley the mood this day has left me in. Oh well life goes on around me. Have you ever seen the tv adverts where one person is standing still and everyone else is moving do fast that they are a blur? Well I am the person stood still.


      2. I don’t even want to talk politics when children are involved. It should just be that human beings care enough. I know it’s naive. But it’s what I feel.
        I tried to find your ‘leccy post but couldn’t. Is it on your new site? I tried the link on your comment but couldn’t find it. It might just be me though. 😉
        Pete, I know exactly what you mean about standing still while the world rushes past. Except I think I would maybe be birling on the spot. Those kinds of times, you know?
        P.S. Don’t pay them 900 quid! tell them to take it out of your nose. You must be entitled to some sort of help because of your disabilities. What are they going to do? Leave you without ‘leccy? I don’t think so. Sods. the whole lot of them. Sorry, but I also am in one of those places. I really despair sometimes of what passes for civilization.x


      3. I just left a long comment on your situation at your page. And then when I submitted it, a message said this comment was already there!?! Don’t know if that means you will get it or not. And guess what? I didn’t do it in Word first, as I often do. So if it’s not there, Bum! But it basically sais to tell them to take a hike.
        The world is in a crazy place right now in so many ways. Galling on so many levels. Hang on in there, Pete. We’ll turn the tide with a bit of luck, the grace of god and the help of our ain smarts. 😉 x


      4. Thank you my friend, they cannot get blood out a stone and I don’t think it will go down if the newspapers find out that a disabled man get his power switched off. 🙂
        I was just typing to you and a fecking huge spider ran across the floor, my cat look at it and my dog sniffed at it I leaped up and shouted f%$king hell as if I was a girl of 6 years old and nearly dropped my laptop and hit with the force of two ton with my converse boot and my heart rate returned to normal, my hip is burning like hell and my wife is laughing her head off……..Oh the hilarity of it all………….Not!!! now every time there is the slightest draft across my bare feet I jump. Time for the insect bomb again, its a smoke bomb that kills anything BIG, hairy with 8 legs and their relatives…….I found a live wasp yesterday in the hall, spider tonight, I know its spring but come on they don’t have to have spring in my house!!!!!


      5. I saw a bloody big bee yesterday. But I can just about thole them now. Used to scare the bejaysus out of me. Them and wasps. Scared of a wee bit pain from a sting. I ask you. I’ve had more kids than stings.
        Spiders don’t trouble me at all funnily enough. I’m by way of being the inhouse spider catcher for all my kids. Me or hubby. Whoever’s to hand. I think it’s because I fell in love with Charlotte’s Web and my mum was Charlotte so I felt guilty. I wouldn’t let them crawl over me or anything. But I catch and release. Or flush.
        Did my comment post to your page or was that another lost one? Such a pain when that happens.
        I’ll gladly embrace the insects if we can get last year’s summer again. In desperate need now of some sunshine. Dreaming of the Greek islands and the sea. 😉 x


      6. Sorry no it didnt post, a few people have had problems, I took down the bad word monitor maybe that was stopping the posts happening, not that someone as nice as you would use such words 🙂
        I went to the beach on Wednesday it was beautiful, the sea was almost mirror calm and the air was warmish, its a little village called Easthaven just a few miles south of Arbroath, grabbed some mcd fries and what should have been a banana milkshake but ended up with vanilla as they had no banana I told the lassie I wont be back ever now, she looked about 12 and spotty and didn’t know if I was serious or not lol. So I took some photos and believe me when I tell you it shifted the malaise that had been hanging about me even causing a few tears, so it was a good afternoon. I really miss not taking photos but some days its just to much and Jeremy Kyle ( his full name is in my tablets spell checker lol) painkillers and coffee is on for the day,

        I know where my fear of spiders come from, we lived in the back of a shop store as kids one room and a kitchen, outside toilet, huge outhouse which was very dark and kept the coal and an old work bench, the tin bath hung on the whitewashed wall outside and came in on a Sunday night also on a Wednesday for my father to spruch himself up for his other women. Anyway the outside toilet had huge spiders and going in there was a great advert for terry nappies……..
        When I was about 9 I had scarlet fever I remember my mother comig into my room and I must have been hallucinating from a high temperature everywhere where spiders on me, the walls, my mother, my bed. Since then I have had this fear, Iwould love as a photographer to go into the jungles of South America and I just couldn’t go for the spider reason.
        Anyway I have blethed enough take care 🙂 x


      7. Me swear? Never! I don’t think I did. Or maybe I did when I was talking about ‘leccy companies. I can’t remember now. That might have been it.
        I’m glad you got out and let the wind in your sails. It always feel great to get to the seaside! Can’t wait myself. Longing for a blustery day there. Not too blustery mind you. Just enough to shift the cobwebs.
        No wonder you’re feart of spiders.Bad enough the loo but hallucinating about them might give anyone a fear of them. Wonder if I did that with wasps.
        Take care, Pete. Hpe you have more glorious days. And bugger the ‘leccy company. Let them take it out of your nose when they catch you. How can they possibly expect you to cough up that sum? It is galling when you think that renewable energy in nationalised hands could see us with cheap power and all for the price of some investment and loads of water or wind. Plentiful supplies.’Cos I don’t know that we’d get much from solar. 😉 x


      8. Thanks for you support 🙂 x btw I have replied on the Hugh Jackman stalker page lol 🙂 I hope your week has started well and will continue 🙂


      9. Is it you?!!! Rene has just unapproved your comment! She thought you were a mysterious spammer. I nearly called you bad words! Ya silly bugger. Lol. 🙂 You better go and tell her. She might report you to somebody that you report Hugh’s friends to…like, Hugh Anonymous or some such. Do you think there might be a Hugh Anonymous group? I might need to check in for a while. 😉
        I’m gonna go clipe on you. 🙂 x


  3. Heart-rending, Anne-Marie; I made myself look at the image of the children – and am glad you didn’t leave comments open; what could any of us have said? I loved your poem, and your voice too: how lovely to actually hear you. As you say, they ARE all our children. We are all connected, and the sooner we, as a species, acknowledge this fact, the better. xxx


    1. Thanks, Ali. If I hadn’t done it there and then I think I might not have. And, as you say, there was just nothing to add. The fact that there are those living with the reality of this day and daily is gut wrenching. The feelings of being able to do nothing are so frustrating. We surely need change.

      I went for the whole video shabang a while ago as another means of communication. Glad you liked it. It is strange to hear fellow bloggers. I’ve heard quite a few now. I have to say I really enjoy listening to all the different accents.

      Thanks, Ali, for reading and for looking at what is so difficult to acknowledge. And for your comments.x


      1. My pleasure, Anne-Marie. I think you were very brave to get the image out there because hiding our heads in the sand is not doing anyone any good. As long as those children lie dead and unseen, we can pretend that they are another country’s problem. They aren’t. None of these tragedies are. They all stem from Sorrow’s Springs – and we are all potential guardians of this particular fountain. xxx


      2. Thanks, Ali. The awful thing is I don’t want to see these images. I can understand why others don’t either. I get why I write love poems. And focus on other stuff. It is so depressing to view others’ realities. But, you’re right, we can’t ignore it. But how i wish there were no need to. That it just didn’t exist. And there is the child in me. Wanting what seems impossible to have. All we can do is try, i suppose. And then try some more.x


  4. Sometimes the carnage and atrocities in this world are indeed overwhelming! Blessings, Natalie


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