You, my love, may never know the measure

Of all you meant and do still in my dreams.

You believe that loving is lost treasure

And nightmares should still haunt in endless screams.

You, love, have forgotten just how endless

Hearts believe in worthy; one soul’s value.

Yes, my love, you think that I am mindless.

How you decipher, then you misconstrue.

All that reigns is loneliness without you,

All that beckoned once, a dim memory.

You think loving dies; is always untrue.

How many lost their hope to fallacy?

Faith, ever justified, in believing.

Come, my love, rejoice in hearts receiving.

Let’s Begin

I call to you now.

Nothing elusive,







Only shared


I call.

As any bird

Has ever whistled to another,

As whales describe

The ocean

In surreal sounds

That haunt forever

And teach patience


And love.

I call to you now

As a human,

As a woman.

As me.

There is no other.

Just as there is no other


I call to all you are,

Have ever been

And wish to be.

As you were created.

As you have become.

In all the ailments

And hurts you know

And feel.

In all that you think.

I call.

There is a oneness

That unites.

The air we breathe.

The hearts that beat.

The biological.

Let’s begin there.