You, my love, may never know the measure

Of all you meant and do still in my dreams.

You believe that loving is lost treasure

And nightmares should still haunt in endless screams.

You, love, have forgotten just how endless

Hearts believe in worthy; one soul’s value.

Yes, my love, you think that I am mindless.

How you decipher, then you misconstrue.

All that reigns is loneliness without you,

All that beckoned once, a dim memory.

You think loving dies; is always untrue.

How many lost their hope to fallacy?

Faith, ever justified, in believing.

Come, my love, rejoice in hearts receiving.


18 thoughts on “Unforgotten”

  1. The only Poet I know that is alive that makes poetry a thing worth living for. Tis not the turn of phrase or timely cadence that makes it so, but the soul unbidden amidst each stanza that stirs the sleeping soul awake, and sets it to flight with Icarus wings.


  2. This is so touching and beautifully crafted, Anne-Marie: what a lovely way to begin my day. xxx


    1. Thank you, Susan. I’m glad you felt the poem. Such a lovely compliment.
      Now if I could get someone to collate I’d be happy doing the writing! Or would that be cheating? 😉 x


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